Ease of Doing Business: AP, TS No1

NEW DELHI: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana emerged as joint toppers in the ease of doing business rankings released by the central government on Monday. Gujarat that was in the top slot is relegated to the third spot now.

Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana contested very closely with a score of 98.78 percent on the 340 parameters that the states were ranked on. Last year, while Andhra Pradesh was in second position, Telangana was in 13th place.A�

According to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion along with the World Bank, the following states were classified as a�?leadersa��: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra.

In a�?aspiring leadersa�� category, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar were placed, while Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Delhi were identified as states where acceleration is needed.

Top ten states in Ease of Doing Business are:

  1. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
  2. Gujarat
  3. Chhattisgarh
  4. Madhya Pradesh
  5. Haryana
  6. Jharkhand
  7. Rajasthan
  8. Uttarakhand
  9. Maharashtra

The rankings have been prepared on the basis of a 340-point a�?Business Reform Action Plana�� identified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was implemented by different states.

The action plan, aimed at improving the a�?Business Climate,a�� includes 58 regulatory processes, policies, practices covering 10 reform areas spanning the life cycle of business climate and include policies like single window clearance, tax reforms, labour and environmental reforms, dispute resolution and construction permits and others. The plana��s aim is to put India among the first 50 nations in the World Bank list on ease of doing business. Last year India stood at 130thA�place among 190 countries.

This year 16 states have implemented more than 70% of the 340 reforms contained in the Business Reforms Action Plan while seven states have implemented 280 reforms in 2015.

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