Early Polls-Dad Proposes, Son Disposes

Nara Lokesh says no to early polls. He disowns hints of his father on early elections and says it is not possible.

Amaravati: The people of Andhra Pradesh heard different voices from the Nara family. While Nara Chandrababu Naidu hinted at the possibility of the State going for early polls, positively at the end of 2018, his son and Minister for IT, Nara Lokesh dismissed it saying that there is no such possibility and need too.

Naidu had hinted at early polls in the State during his meeting with the party senior leaders, including Ministers, a couple of days ago. As Minister, Lokesh too was present at the meeting. The TDP chief wanted to go for early polls projecting the two prestigious projects of Polavaram and Amaravati. Naidu is confident of getting votes for his party on the progress of these two prestigious projects and that is the reason why he is constantly monitoring the progress of the works. While elections are slated for June 2019, Chandrababu Naidu wanted to bring them forward to the end of 2018, if his plans go well.

Interestingly, Naidu is also toeing the idea of ‘one nation a�� one election’ call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He had backed this idea as that would bring down the expenditure and minimise the security issues connected to the elections.

But, son Lokesh ruled out the possibility of having early polls. He had also discounted the ‘one nation a�� one election’ strategy of Modi-Naidu. The son says that having elections in 2018 is not possible or not advisable for Andhra Pradesh. The States like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have elections in January 2018, while Meghalaya and Nagaland are due for polls in March 2018, Karnataka in May and Mizoram in December 2018. According to Lokesh, Andhra Pradesh has to go for elections along with big States like Gujarat or Karnataka as that would benefit, but Gujarat (January) and Karnataka (May) are too early. This would take more than one-and-a-half years of the present term of the TDP for which Lokesh is not prepared. If elections are proposed for November-December season of 2018, the Election Commission may consider the request as Mizoram too is slated for the polls in the same season. But, Lokesh appears to be disinterested in going for elections along with a small State like Mizoram.

Whatever is the reason that Lokesh subscribed to say no to the early polls or simultaneous polls, it is for the first time that Naidu had a no for his decision and that too from his family. It is to be seen how Naidu would react to this.

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