Do Xiaomi Mobiles have future?

  • Xiaomi mobiles will no longer be sold on Flipkart
  • Delhi High court restrained Xiaomi Agents

(Raghuram Kondubhatla)

The china based mobile manufacturer Xiaomi is banned in India by the Delhi High court. Xiaomi agents are restrained from importing, assembling, or selling devices in Indian market. Delhi High Courta��s Justice G P Mittal directed the customs authorities to restrain the import of Xiaomi phones from China, since it is infringing the patent rights of Ericssona��s AMR, EDGE and 3G compliant. The court has also issued summons notice to Xiaomi and Flipkart to file an affidavit, disclosing the number of smart phone devices sold in India till date. Xiaomi phone were sold till now like hot cakes in the ecommerce website Flipkart.

Xiaomi, which was founded in 2010 with a hand full of engineers, is now in the big league competing with Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi is well known for manufacturing low cost and feature intensive mobile phones. According to WSS (Wireless Smartphone Strategies) Xiaomi has captured five percent of global smart phone market and reached 5th position in the list of worlda��s top smart phone vendors. Overtaking the big names like Sony, HTC, and LG; Xiaomi could reach fifth position. It is still behind Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Lenovo. In just one year it has raised from 1.8% of global market share to 5.1%.

In Indian market, Xiaomi has launched only two smart phones till now, Mi 3 and Redmi 1S, of these the later one was a big success. Recently, it has announced the launch of all new Redmi Note with more features and sophistication.

Redmi Note phone are advertised on flipkart and the sale is going to start from 16th of December. Interested customers are encouraged to register online to beat the rush. Only one phone can be purchased by each customer and first registered customer will receive the first device. Generally, the stock gets over within few hours of its launch on flipkart.

Xiaomi entered into the Indian market in July 2014 by having exclusive partnership with flipkart. It made record sales of around 10 million in just one year. It made a sale of over 1 million smart phones in 24 hours through flipkart. A record of sort.

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