Drunken Drivers Made To Regulate Traffic In Busy Hours

A magistrate in Vizag has come up with a novel way punish drunken driver. They were made to stand in middle of the traffic during busy hours and regulate it.

Visakhapatnam: Punishments carry a bit of reform measures too. Perhaps, to bring about some transformation among those who flouted the traffic regulations, the III Metropolitan Magistrate Ch.Ramya had five drunk driversA�on ThursdayA�stand in the busiest Jagadamba Junction in the city holding placards in their hands. They even assisted cops in regulating traffic in the peak hours betweenA�9-11 amA�andA�3- 6 pm. Besides, the magistrate imposed a fine of Rs 500/- to each of the law-breakers. This novel way of sentencing to community service seemed to achieve its dual objective- punishment and transformation. Hyderabad had seen this sort of punishments earlier. And now it is Vizaga��s turn!A� Beware drunken drivers!

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