Drunken Drivers Made To Regulate Traffic In Busy Hours

A magistrate in Vizag has come up with a novel way punish drunken driver. They were made to stand in middle of the traffic during busy hours and regulate it.

Visakhapatnam: Punishments carry a bit of reform measures too. Perhaps, to bring about some transformation among those who flouted the traffic regulations, the III Metropolitan Magistrate Ch.Ramya had five drunk drivers on Thursday stand in the busiest Jagadamba Junction in the city holding placards in their hands. They even assisted cops in regulating traffic in the peak hours between 9-11 am and 3- 6 pm. Besides, the magistrate imposed a fine of Rs 500/- to each of the law-breakers. This novel way of sentencing to community service seemed to achieve its dual objective- punishment and transformation. Hyderabad had seen this sort of punishments earlier. And now it is Vizag’s turn!  Beware drunken drivers!

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