Is Drugs Case Losing Steam?

The infamous drugs case seemed to have lost steam with Excise Department, which unofficially claimed that they would release a second list, maintaining silence over it.

Hyderabad: The investigation in the infamous drugs case that shook the state and film industry alike seems to be going into the cold storage. When a list including film celebrities was released by the Excise department, it caught the attention of media and public alike. After interrogating them for 12 days, there were speculations that crucial revelations were made during the interrogation and another list consisting of more celebrities belonging to top families in the film industry will be released. Unofficially, media got hints that the list would be released soon. Even the names came out.

Many developments took place during and after the interrogation. While popular director Ram Gopal Varma criticised SIT for sensationalising the case, the Telugu Film Industry released an open letter to the Chief Minister KCR, who announced that drug addicts will be considered as victims.A�

With this, there was delay in the releasing of the second list. The industry stated in their letter that the whole industry should not be suspected and humiliated because of the mistakes committed by a few and assured that they would cooperate with him in the investigation.

But, the latest statement of Excise Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal that there is no second list too became a point of discussion and criticism.

Akun, who participated in an awareness programme related to drugs, said that there would be a second list based on the information given by those who were interrogated. He also stated that there were no pressures on him, and he was investigating with much needed freedom.

If all this is true, the question that arises is what happened to the second list.

Akun revealed that till now 11 cases were filed in the drugs case, and they were in the process of filing charge sheet. He also said that the samples taken during interrogation were sent to lab and they were waiting for the reports. He is saying that the moment they get the reports, they would file the charge sheet.

In this context, it appears that there will not be another list of film celebrities in the drugs case.A�

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