Drugs Case: Film Photographer Among Those Arrested

Belying protestations of film fraternity, a film photographer has been found to be involved in the drugs abuse case. The tourist paradise of Goa has emerged as the source point for inflow of drugs into Hyderabad and its environs.

Hyderabad: Two more persons have been taken into custody in the drugs abuse case, which has been rocking the State Capital for more than a week now. Police sources disclosed on Thursday that one of those arrested is a film photographer. With this, the total number of persons put behind bars in the case has risen to 10.

Thursday arrests followed a sustained interrogation of those taken into custody earlier. Police have now reached the conclusion that the drugs were procured from Goa. Investigators said Calvin Mascarenhas (29), who was working in a high position in an international bank, used smuggle drugs from Goa and pass them on to Nikhil Shetty and other peddlers, who then supplies the drugs to end users in Hyderabad and its environs. A� More:A�Only Few Film People Use Drugs, Says Actor Posani

With this, focus of the investigation has now shifted to Goa, a touristsa�� paradise, where foreigners too come in droves. Its beaches, casinos and private places are known for rave parties with different types of drugs easily available. A team of sleuths is expected to be in that State to take the inquiries forward.

Meanwhile, managements and colleges have pressed panic buttons following news that scores of students including minors were using drugs. As reported by Primepost, a ninth standard girl student emerging as one of the users has shocked both people and police. Worried about their reputation, these institutions have been contacting parents to keep a watchful eye on their children. A�More:A�Hyderabad Drugs Case: Notices Issued to Colleges, Schools And Cine Celebrities

Enforcement and Excise Director Akun Sabharwal has condemned reports over social media naming certain educational institutions, whose students have allegedly abused drugs. He clarified that neither names of institutions nor students have been released by the police a�?keeping in view their interests and the future of studentsa�?.

Sources revealed that the focus of investigation is now on MNC companies and film industry, apart from a thorough check of the Goa angle.

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  1. July 7, 2017

    […] Thrust of the Centre-States awareness campaign in Telangana has not been limited just to drugs, but also gudumba and laced toddy. Gudumba is illicit liquor largely spiked with chloral hydrate, whose accidental increase in percentage component can lead to large-scale deaths. Toddy or neera is the milky health drink of certain palm trees, provided it is consumed in the morning. It becomes fermented as the day grows longer and turns into an intoxicant. Toddy becomes dangerous when it is laced with chemicals by unscrupulous elements to make quick profit and can cause a heavy death toll.   More: Drugs Case: Film Photographer Among Those Arrested […]

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