Drugs Case: Big Heroes Still Behind Screens? Industry Divided Along Regional Lines?

The month-long investigation into the drugs case is turning out to be a Pandoraa��s box. Speculations are many, with few answers.

Hyderabad: Have a�?big heroesa�? succeeded in so far hiding despite the drugs case looming large for a month over the State Capital Hyderabad and its environs? Are regional feelings getting raked up over the way police and excise officials are handling the case and interrogating cine celebrities?

These are the questions emerging out after revelations by Excise Commissioner RV Chandravadan and Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal here on Wednesday.

a�?Those arrested in the case and those being grilled are revealing names of big heroes and producers,a�? the officers disclosed at one stage while speaking to the media.

Even as news that the film industry is getting divided on regional basis has become talk of the town,

these officers too expressed concern that such feelings were indeed creeping in. They maintained: a�?In fact, we are not calling any one an accused. We are only summoning them for interrogation. (But in) view of the present developments, the film industry is divided and regional feelings (have been) brought into it.a�?

While Wednesday is the turn of actress Charmya��s interrogation, Chandravadan and Sabharwal felt she had unnecessarily approached the High Court. They never said Charmy was accused and only summoned her to know some details. However, by approaching the court she herself has accepted that she is an accused.

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They clarified that they were not summoning anyone without any evidence. After examining everything and finding primary evidence, they will be initiating legal action, they asserted. Every interrogation is being videographed. Reports are being submitted to the government and intelligence sleuths are now also focusing on the drug trade.

The Excise and Enforcement officials disclosed that they are getting from Delhi equipment that is used to test sportspersons suspected of taking drugs. In this context, they revealed that those coming for interrogation are taking aloe vera juice before coming in for questioning.

Meanwhile, media is agog as to who the big heroes and producers involved in drugs case are, with officials themselves revealing that some of those interrogated had revealed certain names. If such people are not summoned, everything will turn out to be a biased investigation. There is already widespread criticism that officials have only caught small fish, leaving the big ones.

Regional differences within the film industry are another concern. The industry had displayed unity even during bifurcation of the two Telugu States. But investigating officers confirming such instances of differences during their interrogation may make matters only complicated.

No celebrities have reacted yet on this issue.

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