Drug Scam Being Fanned To Divert People’s Attention From Miyapur Land Scam?

Questions are being asked whether all the ballyhoo in the media regarding drugs is actually a smoke screen to obfuscate something more damaging to politicians.

Hyderabad: Even as the sensational drugs scam has captured the minds of people in Telangana for nearly past one month, there are accusations that it is all a mega tactic of powers that be to divert attention from the land scams, which had earlier dominated the State’s discourse.

It may be recalled that there were allegations earlier of key leaders of ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi being involved in land scams, for example at Miyapur and Ibrahimpatnam on outskirts of the city. Opposition leaders had gone hammer and tongs against the TRS Government, which led to suspension of several Sub Registrars and a few of them were even arrested.

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Political analysts and Opposition leaders, including Raghunandan Rao of BJP, feel that this blot of land scam was sure to have impacted the prospects of ruling TRS in general elections, scheduled in less than two years from now.

Drugs bust involving film celebrities thus became an opportune moment for ruling party bigwigs to get it fanned out of proportions utilising the State machinery. Expectedly, sensation-loving media gravitated towards the case forgetting all else, more so the land scam. An Opposition leader asserted that case will continue to be dramatised without going anywhere near to a logical conclusion.

Incidentally, the entire focus is on celebrities, while others allegedly involved in abuse of drugs include multinational professionals, students of schools and colleges, apart from children of political leaders, bureaucrats and leading businessmen.

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While the State Government got a respite from the land scam with focus shifting to drugs, there are reports that the arrested Sub Registrars will soon be out on bail and a few might even join their duties.

Masses have a short-term memory. They have already forgotten the ill-famed Goldstone Prasad in the Miyapur scandal. The other scams too will meet the same fate, remarked a political analyst.

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