Drug Bust Reveals A Ninth Standard Girl User, Shocking People And Cops Alike

A ninth standard girl student has been procuring drugs from peddlers, with students of two reputed educational institutions also doing the same. Drug users include MNC professionals and Tollywood stars, including celebrities. An SIT is being set up to unravel the malaise.

Hyderabad: The shocking incident of a ninth standard girl student being able to buy drugs from peddlers in Hyderabad City has propelled the Telangana Government into setting up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to inquire into and contain the menace.

As already known, the State Prohibition and Excise Department has seized 700 dots of LSD and 35 gm of MDMA worth Rs. 21.4 lakh from three peddlers. Investigators digging into the issue are shocked to find that not just the ninth standard girl, but also students from two more reputed educational institutions were using drugs. Also involved in the abuse are MNC professionals and Tollywood stars, including celebrities. The name of a film producer has also come to light, disclosed Excise Department Enforcement Director Akun Sabarwal. Notices are being sent to educational institutions and IT companies as part of the SIT investigation, he stated.

The Prohibition and Excise Department has arrested Calvin Mascarenhas (29), who was working in a high position in an international bank, apart from two brothers from Chandrayanagutta, Mohammed Abdul Quddus (29) and his younger brother Mohammed Abdul Wahed (20) from various parts of the city. Quddus was said to be holding a key responsibility in an IT company, while Wahab has come to the city after completing his higher education in Australia.

Sources said the three accused were getting the drugs couriered from Chicago and supplying them to customers in the city. The officials did not reveal the identity of the Chicago supplier.

The drugs are of a nature that leaves long-term effects on their users. Just a drop of this drug is stated to give a high for about 12 hours. The cannabis is stored in the form of a capsule. The value of each capsule is between Rs. 1,800 and Rs. 3,000. Sabarwal said the department will investigate everyone involved as part of its investigation. It is the first time that cannabis worth this value has been seized in the city.

The modus operandi of the supply was contacting customers over WhatsApp and social media. In special cases, peddlers would meet customers in casual settings and make the transaction. Otherwise, contacts of dealers would deliver the drugs to users. A cafeteria is said to be the most common place of sale in case of MNC personnel.

Officials are expected to dig deep to find out if there is anyone behind the arrested trio of Calvin, Quddus and Wahed. Names of members who are going to be part of the SIT are being finalised. Suryapet Excise Superintendent Seelam Srinivasa Rao has been summoned to the city.

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