Drive Monkeys Back to Forests: KCR

HYDERABAD: a�?Monkeys should be sent back to forests by planting saplings and getting the rains back to Telangana Statea�?, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has asserted.

In his distinct style of wit and humour, Rao stated at LB Stadium during TRS Plenary that the aim of Harithaharam, a flagship program, is very simple. a�?We have to plant 120 crore saplings in three years to increase greenery to get back rains which will help monkeys to go back to forestsa�?, he said.

The previous governments denuded the forests compelling monkeys to migrate to villages and towns, he ridiculed. a�?Had they not looted the forests, monkeys would not have come to our villages, he said. So to get back rains and to send the monkeys back to the forests, we have to take up a massive afforestation program involving farmers, people and studentsa�?, Rao stated.

a�?We have to plant 120 crore saplings in four years, including 40,000 in every village from July to August to get back rains,a�? Rao asserted.A� (NSS)

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