Drinking off a hangover

Lata Jain

Hangover is not caused by the drink itself but by how the alcoholic intake is metabolized. A recent research report in a medical journal Health and food says that sprite is one of the best drinks to relive hangover.

lata jain

Lata Jain

Happy hours and late night cocktails can do a number on your metabolism the next day. Research shows that the day after a night of drinking, there is a significant dip in your metabolic rate. Combine this with hangover cravings, and you’ve got a double disaster.

Ethanol is broken into acetaldehyde which has the enzyme alcohol degenerates (ADH) that causes the hangover.

The key to reducing hangover symptoms is to reduce the amount of acetaldehydes present in the body.

Sprite and soda water boost ALDH activity thus speeding up the conversion of acetaldehyde to acetate and thus reduce the hangover. Herbal teas it is believed slowed down the process and prolonged the symptoms.

Another useful tip is to never drink on an empty stomach, A�a�?The longer alcohol stays in the stomach, the better your body breaks it downa�?, adding that a hearty meal (or even a burger or a sandwich) before heading out to party can be extremely efficient in eliminating the effects of a hangover. However, the long-standing myth regarding the almost unknown powers of orange or tomato juice does not stand say the journal as neither does that of the bulla��s eye (orange juice mixed with a raw egg). Aspirin may work, but caution must be advised since it can irritate the stomach, while the combination of alcohol with Tylenol can damage the liver.

The only sure way to prevent a hangover is to avoid drinking. While you may not be able to totally prevent a hangover, drinking a lot of water or other dehydrating drink will go a long way toward preventing or lessening most hangover symptoms.

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