Don’t wear skirts: Mahesh Sharma

AGRA: Union Tourism and culture Minister Mahesh Sharma has advised foreign women tourists not to wear skirts and other skimpy clothes for their own safety, and warned them about going out alone late at night in small towns.

“I am a father of two daughters, I would never tell women what they should wear or should not. Ban on a particular type or pattern of clothes is unimaginable, but it is not a crime to be cautious. Our culture is Atithi Devobhava. Different countries issue different advisories from time to time, but I never said to change anyone’s way of dressing”, Mahesh Sharma said, according to the news reports.

He also added that this would beA�part of an advisory pamphlet which will be given to all the foreign tourists at airports, and they will be given a welcome kit which has a card with do’s and don’ts. He also suggested them to click the photographs of number plate of cabs or any other vehicles they are travelling in and send it to their friends.

When asked if he is suggesting a dress code for foreign tourists, Mr Sharma said it was not his intention at-all.

He also advised foreigners visiting the temples and other places to keep theA�sensitivity of Indian culture in mind.

Mr Sharma courted controversy earlier too by saying, “girls wanting a night out may be all right elsewhere in the world, but it is not part of our Indian culture.”

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