Dona��t Waste Time on Debates: Ramulu Advises Jupally

HYDERABAD: Former TDP MLA from Mahbubnagar Ramulu today bluntly told Industries Minister Jupally Krishna Rao that stomachs of people would not be filled with challenges and debates.

Speaking to the media at NTR Trust Bhavan here on Thursday, Ramulu alleged that Jupally was wasting time in the name of challenges and debates.

a�?Jupally is trying to sidetrack the problems of the people who are facing severe troubles with the lack of rains in the name of challenges and debatesa�?, he asserted.

Ramulu also asked whether the launch of construction of Koilsagar, Kalvakurthi, Nettempadu and Bheema projects by TDP was not a fact. Was it not a fact that respective governments neglected Mahbubnagar projects for the last 10 years, he questioned.

He asked Jupally as to why the present government was not allocating 1,000 crore rupees to complete the pending projects. a�?Eight-lakh acre of land would be irrigated if this government allocated 1,000 crore rupees to the four old projectsa�?, he said.

Making it clear that the TDP was not against the Palamuru projects, he demanded that the TRS Government release a white paper on the status of Palamuru projects. He suggested Jupally to keep politics aside and initiate steps for the development of the Palamuru projects. He also alleged that the government had shown full enthusiasm in launching the Palamuru project, but had not shown the same on the works.

a�?The TRS leaders were showing more interest in criticizing the TDP leaders than on development. The government has no minimum respect towards the opposition leaders. The leaders were spending a lot of time in criticizing TDP and its Chief Chandrababu Naidua�?, he alleged.

Ramulu alleged that Jupally, who was Industries Minister, was not trying to establish industries in the district, but was trying to gain confidence of the chief minister by challenging the TDP leaders.

He said Naidu had not mentioned, a�?stop the projecta�? in his letter to the Centre and CWC. The TRS Government has not even sanctioned a single house in the Mahbubnagar district even though one year was over after assuming the office, he alleged.

He also said the TRS Government was not implementing the assurances made in its manifesto; more so,it was resorting to attacks on the opposition parties.

a�?We are ready to fight on behalf of the people. We are ready to share the works if Jupally comes forward to complete the Palamuru projecta�?, he said. (NSS)

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