Dona��t succumb to political pressures: BJP

HYDERABAD: Telangana State BJP president Kishan Reddy has suggested that the TRS Government should not succumb to political pressures in the case of Viqaruddina��s encounter on the Warangal-Nalgonda border recently.

Speaking to the media here on Thursday, Kishan Reddy asked the government has to clarify whether it has appointed the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe only into the killing of terrorists or police. He said the government has a bounden duty to see that Viqaruddina��s killing is not linked to any religion. He also demanded that the government should give a�?Shouryaa�� awards to the police men who died in the encounter and provide respectable job to their kin. The BJP leader has warned that people would not keep quiet if the government initiated action against the police in the name of inquiry.

Mission Kakatiya

Lashing out at the TRS governmenta��s prestigious a�?Mission Kakatiyaa�� program, Kishan Reddy said the scheme has turned into a a�?Gulabi Kakatiyaa��. He alleged that the government was not allowing non-TRS activists to the lakes and tanks. He also took serious exception to the TRS leaders painting the spades in pink colour, which are used in the government-sponsored Mission Kakatiya program. He also asked whether the Mission Kakatiya was a government program or the ruling partya��s program. (NSS)

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