Don’t Allow Others To Take Advantage Of AgriGold Assets: Pawan Kalyan cautions AP CM


Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on Thursday cautioned the Andhra Pradesh State government against allowing unscrupulous elements or others to take advantage of the AgriGold crisis and take the properties of the company.

Speaking to the victims of the AgriGold here, Pawan Kalyan wondered why the company became defunct when it has enough assets, including lands, to revive it or make it functional. He said that the company has over 14,000 acres of lands including the prestigious Hai Land entertainment center spread over 600 acres of land. He wanted the government to help revive the company, put it in order or dispose the assets to pay compensation to the victims. However, he cautioned the government against allowing the people in power or those who have influence to acquire the lands and make benefits while people suffer.

He said that the country had seen similar issues including that of the Sahara Group where the government had disposed the properties of the company and paid to the victims. He wanted the government to follow it and help the victims. He also wanted the government to make sure that neither the customers nor the agents commit suicide in future. He also wanted the government to provide protection to the agents of the company who have been facing life threats from the people for the default of the company.

He said he would not hesitate to join the protests if the government entertained the powerful and influential persons purchasing the lands of the AgriGold in the guise of auctioning the assets to help the victims. He assigned Jana Sena leader Pothina Mahesh to represent the party along with the Left parties in fighting for justice to the victims of the AgriGold.

Earlier in the day, Pawan Kalyan listened to the woes of the AgriGold victims, both the customers and the agents who have worked with the company for over 19 years across the nine States. The customers and the agents of the company worked in Karnataka, Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and other States.

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