Donald Trump, The 45th President Of The US

  • Hillary Calls him and concedes defeat

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington D.C.:A�The Republican nominee Donald Trump won the presidential race in a dramatic election. While talking to his supporters after crossing the magic number of 270 electors in an electoral collegiums of 538,A�Trump said it is a historic moment and he would do his best to serve the country. He appreciated the hard work done by Secretary Clinton during her campaign. The shocking victory by Donald Trump caused a steep fall in the share markets around the world. The President elect had promised to the people of America that he would be president for all Americans and he would strive for unity of the country. He promised to double the growth. Vice President elect Pence earlier thanked the people of the US for giving them an opportunity to serve.

Trumps victory in the key battle states like Florida, Ohio and North Carolina and Pennsylvania had ensured his victory. Despite the Democratsa�� last pitch in Philadelphia, where all the power stars, including President Barrack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, accompanied Hillary Clinton to support her, Trump leads the state.

Michigan is another state that has been traditionally Democratic, but has turned into Republican this election. Trump has campaigned in Michigan and was bullish about his win in the state. The last minute visits of Obama to the state explain the desperate efforts to take back the state.

Trumpa��s voice to the dissatisfaction of the white working class has resonated with them. His voice against WashingtonD.C. establishment as an outsider has generated votes for him.

North Carolina, for example, is a state where blue-collar workers have been unhappy because of the collapse of the manufacturing industry there and flowing away of jobs to other countries. Trump has promised them of bringing back their jobs. He always criticized Clinton and Obama of signing trade deals that took away jobs from the state. The same holds good for the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Florida is the second home for Trump. He has his business there and was always confident on winning the state. The state has 29 electoral votes and is critical for the candidates to win. Trump has acknowledged that he needs to win Florida to win presidency, and he won the state with good lead.

Hillary, on the other hand, at that stage, had few chances to win the election after losing Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. No candidate has ever become president without winning Ohio.

Trump became successful in capturing the pent-up anger among the working class, over a period after 2008 recession, against the Wall Street and establishment in Washington, D.C. His victories in the battleground states say it all.

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