Donald Trumpa��s First 100 Days Of Presidency

US President Donald Trump completes the first hundred days in office trying to deliver on election promises with little luck.

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington (DC):The US President Donald Trump waited as eagerly as the media did for his first 100th day at his office. His remarks about the milestone lately only increased its significance. For Trump, ita��s the time to show his achievements, and for the media, it’s a chance to record his performance.

Trump hastily announced his tax reforms without many details only to push in one more of his promises in the final days before his hundredth day. He said he achieved a lot in his first hundred days.

a�?President Trumpa��s successes are unmatched in recent presidential history,a�? his tweet referred to TV Anchor Lou Dobbsa�� statement.

Everyday in Trumpa��s presidency was eventful with one or the other controversy. As soon as he took office he began signing executive orders one after the other, sometimes in haste creating chaos and at other times facing rebuke and fierce opposition from Democrats and also from fellow Republicans. His interactions with media have become confrontational at times. Shawn Spicer, his media person, found it hard to defend Trump at the press briefings.

His gaffes dominated the discussions in the mainstream media. Experts argued that his rhetoric caused violence and encouraged racism. He slowly softened his rhetoric and started preparing for speeches, which is quite uncharacteristic of him.

Coming to his achievements, during his first hundred days at office he touched many issues, worked on a few issues, but accomplished little.

Trump has won the election promising more jobs. His slogan was a�?Make America Great Again.a�? He also promised to protect the borders, take care of the illegal immigrants, and make large tax cuts. He took the side of the workers and said, a�?Hire American, Buy American.a�?

His protectionism resulted in travel ban on a few countries, considered to be in warring zone, causing chaos among immigrants. He soon realized checks on his power, when a judge challenged his travel ban. His team reviewed and accommodated a few recommendations provided by the Circuit Court and brought out a new travel ban only to be challenged again by another judge. He accused the judge for his failure to enforce the order.

Trump wanted to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States. He said Mexico would pay for the wall. However, nothing concrete happened in his hundred days at office, so instead he turned toward Canada and NAFTA. As Gwenda Blair, professor at Columbia University, has put it — Trump has always believed in positive thinking, and he attaches himself to success and ignores or diverts others from his failures.

He also wanted to reform the immigration system to support the merit-based approach. He signed an executive order ordering the federal department to come up with proposals to reform the H1B visa, a program that allows foreign workers to temporarily work in the country.

Trump has also been unpredictable at times. Experts argued that he took decisions on fly without much thinking, planning and without a clear strategy. They questioned his strategy behind Syrian bombings, and his plan for Afghanistan.

The allegations that Russians have interfered in the elections and later reports that the Trump campaign had ties with Russia during the elections have made Trump weak early in his administration. Senators like John McCain and Lindsay Graham raised doubts about the ties and supported for a complete probe into the matter. Trump consistently denied Russian ties and blamed media for misleading Americans. However, in the midst of the allegations he had to remove his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. His administration said that Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence about the meetings he had with Russian officials. Trump said that Flynn had done nothing wrong.

Russian ties have been his biggest challenge and how he comes out of it has to be seen.

Trumpa��s effort to repeal and replace Obamacare along with House Speaker Paul Ryan has been unsuccessful. His own party leaders have refused to support the replacement plan to Obamacare, adding yet another failure to Trumpa��s list of failures.

Trump has touched many issues, but has achieved little. Having said that, a Hundred days is a short period for any presidential term to draw any kind of conclusions.


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