Donald Trump Sworn in as 45th American President

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington: Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America on Friday at around noon under a cloudy sky along with Michael Pence, who took the office as vice president.

Trump after taking oath on Lincoln Bible and his family Bible gave a 17-minute inaugural speech in which he described his victory as peoplea��s victory. With Former President Barrack Obama sitting behind him, he said the American carnage would stop. Time for empty talk is over and the time for action has begun, he said.

Trumpa��s speech was much the same as his any other campaign speeches at least in the beginning a�� divisive, targeting the previous governments and patriotic. On the positive side though, his speech was plain and simple and should appeal to the audience who are a�?forgotten.a�? Making an effort for unity, he said, patriotism should overcome the prejudices in Washington, D.C.

Hillary Clinton, Trumpa��s opponent in 2016 election, attended the ceremony. Her presence was appreciated by Trump at the inaugural luncheon. A standup ovation was given to both Bill and Hillary Clinton for their presence. Including Bill Clinton fourA�former presidents were present at the ceremony except for George.H.W.Bush, who was hospitalized for pneumonia.

The transfer of power was smooth. President Trump saw Barrack and Michelle Obama off, as they flew to California, where they plan to spend sometime before moving back to Washington, D.C. The ceremony was followed by luncheon and parade.

a�?Republican or Democrat, we are all good people,a�? Trump said during inaugural luncheon speech.

Except for a few protests against the inaugural ceremony a few blocks away from the ceremony in Washington, D.C., in which about 90 people were arrested, the ceremony took place smoothly.

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