Doklam Standoff: Skirmish Between Chinese PLA And Indian Army At Ladakh Lake

The Peoplea��s Liberation Army of China troops tried to enter the Indian side of Pangong Lake on Independence Day, but was prevented by the Indian Army.

Ladakh: As the country was celebrating its Independence DayA�on Tuesday, a patrol party of the Peoplea��s Liberation Army (PLA) of China tried to infiltrate into Ladakh ending up in a brawl with the Indian troops along Pangong Lake.

The Chinese troops also refused to take part in the customary border meet on Indiaa��s Independence Day, in the midst of Doklam standoff in Sikkim. It was the first such instance since 2005.

AroundA�7:30A�in the morning, the troops of both countries fought at Finger-6 part of the lake. Though there were no reports of firing, the troops indulged in fisticuffs and jostling.

According to a report by Indian Express, at least 52 Chinese army vehicles were spotted on the road that Chinese had built on their side of the lake, only to move out of the region by the evening.

The lake that stretches from India to China is situated in the Himalayas at a height of approximately 4,350 metres. The 135-kilometre lake though is commonly known as Pangong Lake, it is originally Pangong Tso.

While India controls over 45 kilometres of the lake, the other 90 kilometres is under the control of Beijing.

According to some reports, the soldiers of PLA tried to enter the Indian side in two areas — Finger 4 and Finger 5 — twice betweenA�6 am and 9 am. However, the Indian troops prevented their attempts.

This region has been a point of contention between New Delhi and Beijing for a long time, as both countries claim that they have territorial control over it.

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