DJ Thanks Meet Aimed At Flooring Critics

‘Duvvada jagannadham Thanks’ meet was purely aimed at attacking critics who gave poor rating in their reviews for the flick.

Hyderabad: Allu Arjuna��s latest flick received huge criticism from film reviewers for its poor content which was written and directed by Harish Shankar. Irrespective of reviews, film got good openings, thanks to Allu Arjun, Dil Raju banner and 3 days holidays.

Film unit arranged ‘Thanks Meet’ on Monday at JRC Convention, Hyderabad. Director, writer Harish Shankar came down emotionally, harshly against the critics who gave bad reviews for the flick and on him.

He said because of his attitude he got Gabbar Singh flick but his attitude was not changed because of Gabbar Singh.

Responding to reviews, he also said that critics must see revenues how flick is getting on and requested audience to see revenues but not reviews.

Fans should write their own reviews instead of believing movie reviews, Harish said.

Total function got deviated aside after Harish Shankara��s speech. it was, as if the function was aimed to criticise reviewera��s who gave less rating for the flick. Even now film makers, particularly Harish Shankar, feel the movie is a super hit and critics will feel bad in coming days for giving less rating for the flick.

Harish should remember one thing, if film has all positive points; audience will pull down the reviews and troop into theatres. Fall in collections on Tuesday proves that flick has minus points too.

It s better for Harish to concentrate on his next flick by overcoming lapses he committed in DJ instead of criticising the reviewers. Harish and hero Allu Arjun, however, said that they wona��t give much importance to reviews. If so there was no need for Harish to bash the critics on public platform on Monday.

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