Dinakaran’ Friend Is A Seasoned Broker

Dinakaran’s friend, who assured him that he could ‘manage’ the Election Commission and could get him the symbol of two leaves, is not an ordinary cheat. He is a go-getter and highly connected.

New Delhi: The Delhi police were unaware that they were going to catch a very luxurious cheat who had a lot of wealth and a lot many criminal cases.

When they went to a 5-Star hotel in South Delhi on Monday morning they found Sukhesh Chandrashekhar coolly sitting there with a bracelet worth a�? 6.5 crore and shoes worth a�? 75 lakh. He had a�?1.3 crore in cash on him and other costly things. He arrived in Delhi from Bengaluru to help his friend Dinakaran, Sasikala’s nephew, by bribing somebody in Election Commission and get the ‘two leaves’ symbol allotted to AIADMK (Amma). Dinakaran was understood to have agreed to spend a�? 50 crore for the work Sukhesh Chandrashekhar had promised to get done. It appears Sukhesh has got the first a�? 10 crore with which he had set out for Delhi. The police received information about transaction of black money. But they did not expect the case of this range, which has political ramifications.

Sukhesh had stopped his studies with intermediate. He was caught in a scam at his native place when he was just 17. Police left him with a warning. But next year he was involved in a bigger scam in Chennai and he had spent some months in jail. He used to tell people that he is an MP. He created fake visiting cards. He came into contact with Dinakaran four years ago. He has relations with a number of South Indian politicians.

Sukhesh married film actress Lina Mary Paul. She acted in films like Madras Cafe and Biryani. Both Sukhesh and Lina were arrested in Mumbai in 2015. They are partners in crime.

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