Dinakaran Accused Of Bribing The EC For Two Leaves

Dinakaran, Sasikala’s nephew, has been booked by the Delhi’s police for bribing the Election Commission. What is the main allegation?

Chennai/ New Delhi: AIADMK (Amma) General Secretary Sasikala has been accused of encouraging her aide to bribe the Election Commission for retaining the ‘two leaves’ symbol. One person was arrested and an amount of Rs 1.3 crore has been recovered from him. The accused, Sukhebdra Chandrashekhar, has named Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran in connection with bribery. Chandrashekhar said the money belongs to Dinakaran.

The Delhi police have started investigations against TTV Dinakaran who is a candidate in RK Nagar Assembly by-poll and also the Assistant General Secretary of AIADMK (Amma). Dinakaran. He was booked in bribery scandal.

Dinakaran was earlier accused of bribing the voters by paying Rs. 4,000 for a voter. The RK Nagar by-poll has been postponed due to this scandal. The battle for ‘two leaves’ election symbol appears crucial for both Sasikala and O Panneerselvam camps. The Tamil Nadu’s Crime Branch will be sending a report to the Election Commission of India. The bureaucrats who are supposed to be close to Sasikala group are also being scanned by the investigating agencies.

Sukhesh Chandrashekhar is a notorious character and he has several fraud and cheating cases. He is reportedly close to politicians in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Sukhesh has been arrested by the Delhi police.

The EC has been having issues with Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran. The EC said earlier that Sasikala’s elevation to the position of party General Secretary is not according to the party’s constitution and hence invalid. The Supreme Court sentenced Sasikala in the Disproportionate Assets case and she was sent to a jail in Bengaluru. Her repeated requests for shifting to Chennai jail have not been accepted by the courts. Sasikala who tried to grab the political legacy as well as the huge properties belonging to J Jayalalithaa, including the Poes Garden residence. Now, on the day when the EC is scheduled to give its decision in the election symbol of ‘two leaves’, the bribe scandal has broken out.

Dinakaran has claimed that he has no connection with the money confiscated or the middleman accused of bribing the EC. He claimed that false allegations are being made against him. He said he would be meeting Sasikala in the course of the day. The Delhi police have filed an FIR (First Information Report) in a court in Delhi against Dinakaran.

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Delhi Police Bring Dinakaran to Chennai; Secure Warrants to Search his House

The twists and turns in an alleged bribery case brought TTV Dinakaran back to Chennai.

Chennai: The twists and turns in an alleged bribery case brought TTV Dinakaran back to Chennai. The Delhi Crime Branch arrested him in Delhi two days ago after questioning him.

The AIADMK (Amma) leader was brought to Chennai in connection with cash for symbol scam by Delhi police.

The Delhi Police, which was probing the case, brought Dinakaran and his friend Mallikharjuna by flight to search their residences. The Delhi Police secured the necessary warrants for carrying out the searches.

It was alleged that Dinakaran was trying to bribe an Election Commission official to secure the official ‘two leaves’ symbol for his faction. It is learnt that he had told some of the MLAs that he might get things done.

However, the Delhi Police on a tip off about the deal arrested Sukhesh Chandrasekhar at a five-star hotel in Delhi on April 16. At the time of arrest, Sukhesh was carrying Rs. 1.30 crores.

After questioning Sukhesh, the Delhi Police, who initially asked Dinakaran to join the enquiry, arrested him after four days.

The allegation was that Dinakaran arranged the amount from undisclosed sources and got it transferred illegally from Chennai to Delhi. And his aide Mallikharjuna was arrested for helping him in the process.

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Dinakaran Reaches Delhi To Appear Before Police

While the rival factions of AIADMK are inching towards merger, deputy general secretary of AIADMK (Amma) faction reached Delhi to appear before police in cash for symbol scandal.

Chennai: AIADMK (Amma) faction deputy general secretary, TTV Dinakaran, who was accused of a deal to bribe an Election Commission official to get ‘two leaves’ symbol for his faction, reached Delhi on Saturday to appear before the police. He was served the summons by Delhi Police on Wednesday to join the probe. The ‘cash for party symbol’ scandal came to light at a time when merger talks between AIADMK rival factions were on.

A con named Sukhesh Chandrasekar who was arrested by Delhi Police earlier spilt out the name of Dinakaran. He was the middleman who was allegedly trying to fix a deal with an Election Commission official to get Dinakaran faction, two leaves symbol. Sukhesh was arrested after the police received a tip-off from an informer. It was alleged that a deal had been struck for Rs. 50 crore to allow Dinakaran faction keep the symbol.

However, Dinakaran has denied these allegations.

Before this allegation came into light, Dinakaran was already facing rebellion from within his faction. The rebels were demanding to oust Dinakaran and his aunt Sasikala from the party positions. Many in the party were of the view that merger with the rival faction of AIADMK, led by former chief minister O Panneerselvam, will only be possible if the two are evicted from their posts.

A kind of fear surrounded the party men when documents seized during income tax raids on various people, including health minister proved that RK Nagar voters were bribed to the tune of Rs 89 crores. The Election Commission countermanded the RK Nagar poll after these documents came out. In fact, Dinakaran was named in serious corruption cases much before he became deputy general secretary of the party.

After the cash for symbol scandal came into light, the Delhi Police issued a lookout notice against Dinakaran. It was a day before they served him notices to appear before them. This notice was issued on the premise that Dinakaran was an NRI and he might flee the country before the launch of probe. However, this move by Delhi Police was questioned by Dinakaran.

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Lookout Notice Issued Against Dinakaran By Delhi Police

A lookout has been issued by Delhi police to prevent Dinakaran from leaving the country. Dinakaran faces criminal conspiracy charges.⁠⁠⁠⁠

New Delhi: Delhi police have issued a lookout notice for Dinakaran who was accused of trying to bribe the Election Commission in order to get the election symbol of two leaves. The notice has been issued by the Crime Branch of Delhi police in the early hours of Wednesday. The police are apprehensive about Dinakaran leaving the country.

The lookout notice means all the exits from the country- airports, ports, train and buses- to go to neighbouring country. Madhur Verma,DCP (Crime Branch) has confirmed  the news that a lookout has been issued to prevent Dinakaran from leaving the country.

Dinakaran, a nephew of Sasikala, was a candidate in the RK Nagar Assembly by-poll.  The polling which should have taken place on April 12 was postponed on account of charges against Dinakaran who was alleged to have spent ₹ 100 crore to distribute to the voters. It was alleged that voters were paid at the rate of ₹4,000.

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OPS Attacks Sasikala-Dinakaran Duo, Says They Must Go

OPS said on Tuesday that the Sasikala-Dinakaran duo must go for the sake of the party’s unity. He reiterated that he would get Jaya’s death probed.

Chennai: “Amma-MGR legacy is most important for us,” said former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) here on Tuesday. He said that there is legitimate evidence to prove that TTV Dinakaran bribed the voters of KR Nagar. OPS told media persons that Dinakaran also tried to bribe the Election Commission. He said they don’t want a family to run the party and the Government. The party works for the people and not for the family. He reiterated that he would get the circumstances that led to the demise of J Jayalalithaa probed. The doubts must be cleared and truth established, he affirmed.

OPS has reminded that Amma had sacked Sasikala and Dinakaran when she felt they were misusing the proximity they enjoyed with her. All the members of Sasikala’s family, derisively called Mannargudi Mafia, were thrown out of Poes Garden. The gangsters entered Jaya’s residence only after her death. He said ‘Amma’s legacy is foremost for us.’  He said Amma’s betrayer will have to go. ‘We wish to follow Anna’s path,’ he reaffirmed.

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Operation ‘Dump Sasikala’ Is In Works In TN

The Tamil Badu political drama continues to unfold with a new dimension being added every now and then. A move to distance Sasikala and Dinakaran from the party and Government in order to achieve unity is afoot.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E Palanisamy (EPS) and former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) have been actively considering the merger of the two factions in order to achieve unity and also the election symbol of the AIADMK, the two leaves.

The primary condition put forward by OPS for a merger was that Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran must be kept away from the party as well as the Government. OPS has got the backing of 12 MLAs and 12 MPs. He is also popular in Tamil Nadu as he is perceived as a leader who stood for J Jayalalithaa whenever she had legal problem. He is considered as a greater loyalist, than Sasikala, of Jayalalithaa. The fact that he opposed Sasikala and Dinakaran had enhanced his popular image as the general public have only contempt for the aunt and the nephew.

Sengottaiyan, a minister, told media persons on Tuesday morning that negotiations on merger would start in a formal way very soon. The ‘dump Sasikal’ slogan is catching up. The leaders of EPS and OPS factions have realised that with the two tainted persons, Sasikala as party’s general secretary, and Dinakaran, deputy general secretary, in control of the party, there is no future for them. They are concerned about the coming elections.

Stalin, acting president of opposition DMK, is naturally upset with the merger talks. He criticised the ruling party for bringing the Government to a standstill.

EPS cannot afford to be seen as distancing from Sasikala at this juncture. She has her hold on the MLAs. The CM has an emergency meeting with his Cabinet colleagues. The drama in Tamil Nadu politics continues unabated with new twists and turns taking place by the hour.

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Dinakaran’ Friend Is A Seasoned Broker

Dinakaran’s friend, who assured him that he could ‘manage’ the Election Commission and could get him the symbol of two leaves, is not an ordinary cheat. He is a go-getter and highly connected.

New Delhi: The Delhi police were unaware that they were going to catch a very luxurious cheat who had a lot of wealth and a lot many criminal cases.

When they went to a 5-Star hotel in South Delhi on Monday morning they found Sukhesh Chandrashekhar coolly sitting there with a bracelet worth ₹ 6.5 crore and shoes worth ₹ 75 lakh. He had ₹1.3 crore in cash on him and other costly things. He arrived in Delhi from Bengaluru to help his friend Dinakaran, Sasikala’s nephew, by bribing somebody in Election Commission and get the ‘two leaves’ symbol allotted to AIADMK (Amma). Dinakaran was understood to have agreed to spend ₹ 50 crore for the work Sukhesh Chandrashekhar had promised to get done. It appears Sukhesh has got the first ₹ 10 crore with which he had set out for Delhi. The police received information about transaction of black money. But they did not expect the case of this range, which has political ramifications.

Sukhesh had stopped his studies with intermediate. He was caught in a scam at his native place when he was just 17. Police left him with a warning. But next year he was involved in a bigger scam in Chennai and he had spent some months in jail. He used to tell people that he is an MP. He created fake visiting cards. He came into contact with Dinakaran four years ago. He has relations with a number of South Indian politicians.

Sukhesh married film actress Lina Mary Paul. She acted in films like Madras Cafe and Biryani. Both Sukhesh and Lina were arrested in Mumbai in 2015. They are partners in crime.

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Revolt Against Sasikala, Dinakaran To Save The Party

Revolt against Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran is brewing in the official group of the AIADMK. The Ministers are keen on asking Sasikala and Dinakaran to step down from positions in order to save the party.

Aruna Neela

Chennai: AIADMK (Amma-Sasikala)’s image has been tarnished with one scandal after the other. The latest bribegate that exploded in the face of Dinakaran has provoked senior politicians into revoking against the family that controls the party.

AIADMK (Sasikala) faction is being haunted by accusations and allegations either by the other faction of the party or the opposition. Amidst the allegations, rumours are rife that leaders belonging to Sasi faction want the family to resign from  their party posts. There is a revolt in making.

After ‘cash for votes’ scandal which led to countermanding of RK Nagar by-poll,  things have taken a serious turn when allegations were levelled against Sasi’s nephew and party deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran bribed officials to get two leaves symbol. The Delhi crime branch police has booked Dinakaran in the bribery case.

The Election Commission froze the party symbol ‘two leaves’ ahead of RK Nagar by-poll as both the factions claimed it and there was a clamour by  each faction claiming to be  the real legatee of Late CM J Jayalalithaa. In this context, a mediator named Sukhesh Chandrasekhar assured Sasi faction that they can keep the symbol if he was paid Rs. 60 crores. Dinakaran is said to be in direct touch with the accused and handed him the money to pay to the officials. Sukhesh is supposed to be close to politicians in not only Tamil Nadu but also in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Police arrested him earlier also for cheating people. Hence, he was arrested and questioned by the Delhi police.

The accused in the case would be produced in the court by police on Monday.The police recovered Rs. 1.3 crores from the accused.

With both factions fought desperately to retain the party symbol before the Election Commission froze the symbol. As the EC refused to allocate the symbol to any of the factions, they resorted to various means to make their symbols look similar to the original party symbol. The Sasi faction denying allegations of bribery demanded proof.

However, the State Election Commission said they’ve not received any report. The Election Commission in Delhi is supposed to meet both the factions of the party on Monday. But on the eve of the latest developments, one has to wait and see what the EC would do now.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that the senior leaders in the Sasi faction are rebelling against Sasi and Dinakaran and gave two days for them to quit their party posts in AIADMK.

The leaders want to unite both factions of the party, as the split is costing the party dearly. The leaders told the media that they would be meeting Dinakaran on Tuesday to ask both him and his aunt to step down from the party posts.

The senior ministers and leaders who were worried about the party’s image being badly hit and tarnished want to patch up things with Panneerselvam camp to save the party.

Once Sasikala leaves the party, Pannerselvam will not have a problem to come back into the party, said one of the ministers. The minister also said that once the family is sidelined, discussions with Panneer camp would be launched.

Just a day after the demand by leaders was made, the issue of bribery came into light. Probably things would go easier for them in light of new developments.

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RK Nagar By-Poll Cancelled

The EC received innumerable complaints that the voters are being heavily bribed. The EC will meet on Monday to examine the future course of action

Chennai: After it was conclusively established that the voters have been bribed paying huge amounts, the Election Commission has cancelled the by-poll in RK Nagar constituency here.  In normal course, the polling should have taken place on April 12.

The entire election process has been ‘rescinded forthwith’, according to an announcement made by the EC on Sunday. The EC said the by-election will be held in due course, “when the vitiating effect created by the distribution of money and gift items to allure the electors…gets removed with passage of time and the atmosphere in the constituency becomes conducive to the holding of free and fair election.”

Searches conducted last week and the cash seized suggested that not less than ₹100 crore has been distributed to the voters. The houses of K Vijayabhaskar, Tamil Nadu Minister for Health, were searched by the sleuths. The IT reports indicated that an amount of ₹89 crore were distributed to politicians to be given to voters. About ₹ 5 crore was seized from the associates of the Health Minister. The IT department has conducted raids at 21 places across Tamil Nadu in this connection. The EC received innumerable complaints that the voters are being heavily bribed. The EC will meet on Monday to examine the future course of action. The by-poll was necessitated because of the death of J Jayalalithaa, the then Chief Minister, who was representing RK Nagar constituency, on 5 December  2016.

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IT Raids Shock Sasikala’s Camp

Sarath Kumar, who recently extended his support to Saiskala camp, became another victim to this IT raids

Chennai: Sensational thing are happening in Jayalalithaa’s State on the eve of by-election in her constituency, RK Nagar here. Sasikala’s camp was shocked with IT raids on Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijayabhaskar and actor-turned-politician Sarath Kumar ahead of RK Nagar by-poll which was scheduled on April 12th.

Raids which started at 6 am were going on till the afternoon. The places that were raided included properties of Vijayabhaskar at 34 locations. Main allegations against him were distributing cash for voters to vote for AIDMK. Video with 45 sec went viral in social media with three persons belonging to AIADMK distributing money to vote for the ruling party’s candidate and Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran.

RK Nagar by-poll became necessary due to demise of late Jayalalithaa on 5 December 2026. Dinakaran had rubbished the allegations which are fabricated by the DMK.

Sarath Kumar, who recently extended his support to Saiskala camp, became another victim to this IT raids. Raids wre conducted in Trichy, Poddukottai and in Ministers Estate and details have not been disclosed yet.

As per Tax officials, it was Vijaykumar, who played key role in distributing money to the people of the constituency. All parties took by-poll as a prestige with OPS and Sasikala camps along with Deepa claiming Jaya’s real legacy.
A number of ministers have descended on Vijayabhaskar’s residence. Sasikala’s followers accused the NDA government of trying to finish the party. They said there are a number of allegations against DMK and the group headed by O Panneerselvam pending with the Election Commissio. But the Centre is acting only on the complaints received against the AIADMK owing allegiance to Sasikala, they pointed out.

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