Digvijaya Singh Loses Control Over Karnataka, Goa

The Congress party on Saturday sacked senior leader Digvijaya Singh as its general secretary in charge of Goa and Karnataka. The mismanagement in Goa after the result was announced, cost him his post.

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh was sacked by the party as its general secretary in -charge of the State after mismanagement in Goa after the results. He was also removed as general secretary in-charge of Karnataka.

The Congress which bagged the highest number of seats in Goa elections could not form a government while the BJP which got lesser number of seats quickly formed the government by working out an alliance with other like-minded parties.

Though the Congress cried foul after the formation of the government and criticised BJP for unprincipled behaviour, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari retorted by saying that their film did not run because their hero slept through the night. “If your hero slept, why are you blaming me. why are you making me a villain?” he asked Cong leader K C Venugopal.

Nearly one and a half month after the failure of the Congress to form the government in Goa, Digvijaya Singh recently said that not having a pre-poll alliance with Goa Forward Party was a mistake. Singh tweeted, ” Our mistake was not to go for a pre-poll alliance with Goa Forward party headed by Vijay Sardesai which was seen to be anti- Parrikar and BJP (SiC).”

He also termed the media’s view as biased, they took the time to form the government in one of his tweets. According to him the trust deficit between Sardesai and the State Congress leadership led to this situation.

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