Digvijay Finds Fault with VHP for Blaming Madrassas

Hyderabad: Alleging that the Vishwa Hindu Parishath (VHP) and Bajrang Dal were blaming the Madarsas, AICC General Secretary for Telangana State Congress Party Affairs Digvijay Singh said that there were no instances of people who studied in Madrassas have participated in terrorist activities.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan along with TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy here on Friday, Digvijay alleged that the national media was behaving unilaterally towards Muslims. He asked the national media to tell as to why it was not speaking on Hindu terrorism. He alleged that Modi was misleading the people of the nation after the demonetization of big notes.

Stating that the Congress Party would face the ruling TRS party efficiently, Digvijay said that there were no differences between the leaders of the party in Telangana state. He said that the leaders would go ahead united. Differences were common in every house, he said.

He said that the party would wage movements on the prevailing drought and drinking problems. The TRS Government has diverted input subsidy given by the Centre to the farmers, he alleged, and made it clear that the Congress Party was not against the irrigation projects in the state.

Asking the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to tell as to why he failed to answer the questions raised by the Congress Party in its power point presentation on irrigation projects, AICC general secretary alleged that the TRS Government was enhancing the estimates of the projects as it wished. The government was misleading the people in the name of G.Os. The UPA government introduced Land Acquisition Act-2013 and it would do justice to all. The power in the state was confined to KCR family members including son (KT Ramarao), daughter (K Kavitha) and niece (T Harishrao), he said.

Condemning the murder of Kuchibotla Srinivas in the USA, Digvijay said that the Congress Party had expressed its deep condolence to the Srinivas family. The Party is demanding the US government to control the racist attacks, he said. (NSS)

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