Diggy raja chides, goads Congmen

Hyderabad, January 20:A�AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh today lambasted his partya��s senior leaders in the State for not organizing protests against the peoplea��s representatives, who had defected from party.

The AICC leader pulled up the leaders for not performing well in the Assembly and also for their failure to strengthen the party in the State. He was speaking at the brainstorming session held with Coordination Committee meeting at Gandhi BhavanA�on Tuesday. It was a part of three-day tour of Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay reportedly questioned them as to why they failed to launch agitation in a democratic manner against the defected MLAs and MLCs. He suggested to the party coordination committee members to lodge complaints against MLAs and MLCs in the High Court and fight for justice. He also lashed out at the leaders for not cooperating with each other in fighting with governmenta��s defective politics and policies.

Expressing his displeasure over the party affairs, Digvijay asked the senior leaders to go all with one voice in order to strengthen the party in the State. The AICC leader said, a�?Except our student organization, all other student organizations were protesting against the TRS governmenta��s FAST Schemea�?. He advised them to work together and help strengthen the party by burying differences amongst them, according to one of the members of Coordination Committee, who preferred anonymity. The AICC leader also enquired about the defections in the party since the TRS formed the government. Digvijay reportedly felt that the party leaders at the helm of the affairs in the State were not serious in tackling defections.

Along with AICC secretary Kunthiya, Coordinating committee members, including TPCC president Ponnala Laxmaiah, party senior leaders K. Jana Reddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy, D. Srinivas, J. Gita Reddy, D. Sridar Babu participated in the meeting. (NSS)

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