DGCA bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7

NEW DELHI: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has banned air travelers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in check-in bags and only allow them to carry in hand bags in switch off condition during entire duration of flight.

DGCA chief BS Bhullar said a�?The order comes into immediate effect. This has been issued keeping air safety in minda�?.

Recently, Samsung recalled about 2+ million units of the Note 7 due to faulty batteries prone to catching fire.

Samsung, in a statement posted online, said it will offer rental phones to customers who turn in their Galaxy Note 7 and reiterated that it plans to have Galaxy Note 7 devices with a safe battery ready to give to customers affected by the recall starting September 19.

The massive recall of one of Samsung’s flagship devices is an embarrassing setback for the world’s biggest selling smartphone maker. The Note 7 was unveiled just a month ago.

The phone was well received by reviewers, drawing attention for several unique features such as an iris scanner, which allows users to unlock the phone with their eyes.

Several U.S. airlines such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways has also issued statements on banning the use of the smartphone on board.

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