Devotee finds coal pieces in Tirupati laddu

Tirumala: : The sacred and delicious laddu given away as Prasad in Tirupati is supposed to contain badam, raisin and other dry fruits. However, carelessness seems to have crept into the kitchen where these laddus are made. Nuts, bolts, key chains, panparag covers and even pieces of coal found their way into the most sought after delicacy – Tirupati laddu.

A woman devotee belonging to Challapalli Mandal in Krishna district, Devabhaktuni Yamini observed black particles in the laddu distributed inside the holy shrine in Tirumala on Friday, when was about to eat it.

Noticing the coal pieces, the woman went to TTD staff to complain. However, the rude behaviour of the staff shocked her. Speaking to media, she alleged that the TTD staff manning laddu counter no 30, asked her if she was a Christian when she insisted an acknowledgement after handing over a written complaint.

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