Demonetization is Modia��s self goal: Singhvi

  • a�?Why was PM afraid of speaking in Parliament?a��

Hyderabad:A�Demanding that the Centre order an inquiry into the cash transactions done by BJP leaders six months before the announcement of demonetization of big notes, AICC official spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi has alleged that terrorist activities have increased in the country after Narendra Modi took office. Pathankot and Burhan attacks were best examples for the increased terrorist activities, he pointed out.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday at Gandhi Bhavan, Singhvi alleged that the Centre was speaking differently each day on demonetization of big notes creating chaos among the people. Modi made self goal with the demonetization of big notes, he observed and said the BJP government was behaving atrociously towards the people, who found fault with the decision of demonetization of big notes. The demonetization will lead to loss to the nationa��s economic system and GDP will fall with it.

Asking the Modi government to explain the condition of the unorganized labour with the proposed cashless policy, he wondered why the RBI was changing its policies every five minutes. He asked the Modi government to tell as to why it was not coming forward to appoint a Joint Parliamentary Committee with a Supreme Court sitting Judge on the demonetization issue. The Modi government was least bothered about the common peoplea��s problems, he said and asked the Prime Minister to tell as to why he was afraid of speaking in Parliament.

The Congress leader demanded the NDA government to agree to Parliament vote on demonetization if it was sincere. He expected that the real problems will arise after 50 days of demonetization instead of good days as being chanted by the Prime Minister. The people were patiently waiting for the good days and social crisis will arise if the people lose their patience. He warned the Prime Minister that the Congress would expose the hostile attitude of the Centre in a democratic manner. Modi was behaving like a a�?deaf and dumba�? person towards democracy, he alleged. All the TPCC leaders were present at the press conference. -NSS

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