Delhi voted against Modi ’s Arrogance and Misrule: AICC Secretary

HYDERABAD: AICC Secretary R.C.Khuntia said that the people of Delhi had taught a bitter lesson to Prime Minister Nartendra Modi and his BJP Government at the Centre for their misrule and failing to come up to the expectations of the people within nine months of coming to power.

Speaking to the media, the AICC Secretary hailed the verdict of the people in the Delhi elections which gave a massive mandate to Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party as the people were disappointed over the failure of the Modi Government in fulfilling its promises. He said the Congress would continue to stand by the people at all times and in times of need.

After calling on the Telangana PCC President Ponnala Laxmaiah who was recently inured in a scuffle between the police and the Congress workers during a ‘Chalo Raj Bhavan’ programme to protest against the shifting of the Chest Hospital and re-locating the Secretariat, the AICC leader condemned the high-handed behaviour of the police against the Congress leaders when they were expressing their protest in a democratic manner over the anti-people decisions of the KCR Government.

Khuntia further said the Congress would always stand by the people and fight for their cause. He said the TPCC would relentlessly struggle to prevent the TRS Government from taking unilateral decisions detrimental to the people.

Mr. Ponnala Laxmaiah said that the Congress would not be cowed down by the high-handedness of the police. It would continue its struggle against the move the move the government to shift the Chest hospital and relocate the Secretariat there. (NSS)

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