Delhi MCD Polls: Resignation Offers By Congress, AAP Leaders

While Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken offered to resign, hours later the in-charge for Delhi PCC Chacko also offered his resignation taking moral responsibility for the poll debacle. Meanwhile, AAP legislator Alka Lamba too offered to resign as MLA and also from party posts.

New Delhi: The results of MCD elections not only broke the hearts of leaders but also led to their resignations. While AICC in-charge of Delhi PCC PC Chacko offered to resign, Ajay Maken who is Delhi Pradesh Congress chief announced his resignations as the trends showed clear defeat.

Ajay Maken was facing a lot of criticism of late as he did not have good relations with Delhi former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. In fact, one of the women leaders of Congress alleged Maken of manhandling her. There were demands that Maken should resign from the post.

Maken announced that taking responsibility for the defeat he is going to resign as PCC president and will work as party worker without assuming any posts in the party for one year. Congratulating BJP, he said that there is a need to carry out an investigation on EVMs.

While the BJP took the elections seriously and put in all the efforts that are necessary, Congress had suffered on account of internal squabbles.  The three-term Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit, did not participate in the campaign. When asked why she did not campaign, she simply answered that she was not asked to. That much for the seniority and putting party above the personal egos. Finally, Congress which was in an upbeat mood to gain the lost ground initially was drubbed. Thanks to the internal politics and personal egos of the leaders even after facing so many defeats across the country, the Congress stood in a poor third position.

The ruling party of Delhi, AAP, not only received a shock with the defeat, it was shaken to the core by the resignation offer of its legislator Alka Lamba from the party and also from the membership of the Assembly. As the exit polls predicted a thumping victory for the BJP, AAP immediately went into an offensive mode and started blaming the EVMs much before the counting started. The party chief Arvind Kejriwal said that it is not the victory of Modi but it is a victory of EVMs on the D-Day.

While AAP was oscillating between offensive and defensive mood, Anna Hazare taunted AAP by saying that there is a lot of difference between work and words. The party which was born out of the movement that Anna Hazare had launched has to change its attitude and put more emphasis on governance to win the hearts of Delhi citizens. By constantly on the negative mode, is AAP is finally defeating the cause it had espoused.

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Sweet Revenge For BJP, No Need For Kejriwal To Lose Heart

The AAP and its leader Kejriwal need not lose heart after the defeat in MCD elections. Delhi voter is quick in changing his loyalties.


New Delhi: The sweep in MCD elections registered on Wednesday was a sweet revenge for the BJP which had suffered a humiliating defeat in 2015 Assembly elections in Delhi after the staggering win in the 2014 general elections. The BJP had won just three Assembly seats in the House of 70. The AAP bagged the rest 67 seats. The Congress came to a naught.

Two years after creating history and emerging as an alternative model to both the BJP and the Congress, the AAP had persistently indulged in negative politics, what with the running battles with the then Lt. Governor Jung. BJP has been in control of all the three municipalities in Delhi for ten years. The combative AAP and the sulking Congress were not able to dislodge the saffron party. The double incumbency effect did not matter and the people gave the BJP a resounding victory and the AAP had to face abject defeat. Though they were only municipal elections they acquired high profile after the BJP and the AAP made it a prestigious contest going all out to win.

The municipal elections are more important to the AAP than the BJP. A win in these elections could have given the AAP better control over Delhi. It could have expanded its footprints at grassroots level which would have helped the party to sustain the dramatic win in the Assembly elections. After losing elections in Punjab and Goa and the drubbing in the Rajouri Garden Assembly by-poll, the AAP really needed a respectable tally in the MCD elections to boost its morale. It is a must for Kejriwal to set his house in order and prepare for the next Assembly election. His national ambitions were dashed with the defeat in Punjab on which Kejriwal had high hopes. If one goes by the fickleness in the electoral stance of Delhi people, Kejriwal need not lose heart. See how the Delhi voter has been changing his preferences.

In 1997 MCD elections, the BJP won 79 out of the total 134 wards. The Congress had got only 37. But in the Assembly elections next year, the Congress has got a handsome win by bagging 52 out of 70 seats. The BJP had got only 15 seats. In the general elections held in 1999, one year after the utterly disappointing performance in Assembly elections, the BJP had swept the polls by winning all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. Again in 2002 municipal elections, the Congress registered a mammoth win. In the next MCD elections, the BJP trounced the Congress and took over the three corporations which it holds even after the Sunday elections.

It was important to win MCD elections for BJP as well. It has taken revenge for the utter defeat in the Assembly elections. It is also E to send the signal that the winning streak is continuing and would extend to Gujarat and Karnataka where Assembly elections are due. It is very necessary for the BJP to win in a big way now since the loss in 2015 was made extremely humiliating because just before the 2014 general elections, the BJP had won 40 percents of the seats in Delhi Assembly and Kejriwal had to quit and go for mid-term polls. The Wednesday victory would work as a tonic for the BJP in Delhi.

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BJP Sweeps Delhi MCD Polls, AAP Suffers Humiliating Defeat

BJP has retained its hold on the three municipal corporations in Delhi handing a humiliating defeat to AAP and Congress.

New Delhi: BJP has triumphed in the municipal election winning two thirds majority retaining all the three corporations. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  has suffered a humiliating defeat. The Congress has ended up in third position. While BJP president Amit Shah has profusely thanked the people of Delhi for reposing faith in his party, the leaders of AAP continued to blame the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

In all the three corporations there are 270 seats of which the BJP won 181 seats. AAP had to be content with 46 seats followed by the Congress in 31 seats. Independents won 22 seats. South Delhi has 104 seats of which 71 seats were bagged by the BJP and 15 by AAP and 12 by the Congress. There are 103 seats in North Delhi. BJP bagged 64 followed by AAP with 22 and the Congress with 14 seats. The East Delhi corporation has 63 seats. The BJP has won 46 seats while the AAP has bagged 9 seats and the Congress won 5 seats.

The BJP has demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for losing the municipal elections now and the Assembly by-poll held recently for Rajouri Garden seat. But the AAP leaders said there is no question of resignation.

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