Delhi in election mode!

  • BJP refuses to form govt

  • Delhi assembly to be dissolved

  • Union Cabinet decides to go for fresh elections

New Delhi: November 4: The confident BJP does not want to settle for less, it seems. The party refused to form government in Delhi quoting insufficient numbers. After emerging victorious in Haryana and Maharashtra, the party leaders and the workers seem to be extremely confident of getting the right numbers in Delhi too. “BJP’s stand on government formation in Delhi has been very clear since December 8, 2013, that it will never engage in horse-trading to form the government,” said Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay.

Najeeb Jung

Delhi: LG Najeeb Jung with Delhi police commissioner

It is a different matter that the Aam Admi Party leaders have caught a BJP senior leader who was trying to fix a AAM MLA who was pretending to be willing to cross the floor. The sting operation showed the BJP in poor light. That incident must have made the leadership not to try old methods and go fo fresh elections.

Earlier today, Lt-Gov Jung met leaders from all the three major political parties – BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party to see if they could reach an agreement following Supreme Courta��s directive to put the issue of forming the government in Delhi on fast track by November 11,

There has not been a government in Delhi since February, this year, when Arvind Kejriwal quit over the blocking of anti-corruption Bill, just after 49 days of swearing-in as Chief Minister. It has been under the president rule through Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung until now. BJP stood the single largest party with 31 seats in the 70-member state assembly a�� falling short by 4 seats. AAP had 28 seats and had formed alliance with Congress (that had eight seats) to form the government, back in February.

Since all the major parties expressed their inability to form the government, Jung, today recommended to the President, dissolution of Delhi Assembly and said in his report that the parties were ready for fresh elections. The Union Cabinet has met today and decided to go for fresh elections.

Nitin Gadkar, Union Minister, told the media that the BJP would go to the polls under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the PM had won two States from the Congress and he going to repeat the performance in Delhi Assembly elections too, Nithin said.

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