Deleted scenes of Khaidi No. 150 being posted on YouTube

Hyderabad: Generally, the director would shoot several scenes as per the script. However, many of them get cut during editing. While some more would be cut after the director thinks that the total run time of the film has become lengthy.

It may be mentioned here that some news circulated in the media that Pruthvi had felt bad for cutting some of his scenes in Khaidi No. 150 as he thought that acting in Mega Stara��s film is a fortune and deletion of scenes had hurt him. In this backdrop, the scenes that were deleted thinking that the run time of the film is lengthy, were being posted on YouTube for the sake of the film lovers in general and Mega fans in particular.

The recent post is worth mentioning. There is a scene where Chiru fills the columns in a Visa application and tick marks female in the gender column. In that scene, Chiranjeevia��s expressions are very hilarious. Moreover, Ali who had earlier played the Thai massage scene in Bangkok, this scene worked out very well. Though the scene would have attracted thunderous applause from the audiences, it might have been deleted as such scenes are to be seen in many of the earlier films. However, the edited scene could be watched on YouTube now. Watch it online and enjoy.

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