Declare Pakistan as Terrorist State: US Lawmaker

Washington, D.C.:Republican Senator Ted Poe urged the Speaker in Congress to declare Pakistan as terrorist country, as he introduced a bill that requires Trump administration to issue a report on either Pakistan is a state sponsored terrorism, or justification as to why not if the administration decides otherwise.

The Senator described Pakistan as a a�?devious, deceptive and disloyal ally.a�? The country is not a friend it betrays to be, he said.

a�?We dona��t have to pay to Pakistan to betray us. They will do it for free,a�? he said. The country has been a recipient of the US foreign assistance for the last 14 years.

Poe defended his bill, a�?State Sponsored Terrorism Designation Act,a�? by arguing that Pakistan has not only covered Taliban for so many years, but also supported it. When Taliban leader was killed, he was in Pakistan. Taliban headquarters is in that country, he said.

As a matter of fact, Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was also killed in Pakistan, when the US task force under Obama administration had attacked him at his home in Abbottabad. Obama was tough on Pakistan, and often said that the country can and must do more against terrorism.

Pakistan has been a key ally for the United States in Asia for sometime. America needed the country for its war in Afghanistan. Apart from being a military base for the US, Pakistan has also played a useful role in Americaa��s fight against Taliban.

This should be the last rodeo for Pakistan, the Senator said. It is time to decide on whose side Pakistan is, he said.

a�?They are not on our side and that is how it has been,a�? he declared.

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