Death toll crosses 2,400 in Nepal

HYDERABAD: As the aftershock terror continues in Nepal, the home ministry confirmed that the death toll is now 2,263 with 5,800 injured, but the unofficial reports say the deaths are even more than 2,400.

Streets are packed in the cities with thousands of people taken up residents on the streets. The aftershock chaos continues and is added by the rise of vandalism. The people are afraid to go back inside their homes and are more comfortable staying in open areas and on roads.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala rushed to Katmandu to oversee the relief efforts. The administration has set up 16 relief stations across the country, while the rescue missions still continued. The absence of police on the streets and lack of proper equipment is evident of the ill-preparedness of the relief efforts, as per reports.

As the country is coping from the devastating quake, which is recorded as 7.8-magnitude at its epicenter, rumors are rife that aftershocks areyet to come. The hospitals are filled with people and with ones searching for their family members.

Dozens of Indians are reported to have been killed in the devastation. The tremors were felt in many parts of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Indian Embassy in Nepal had been destroyed.A� At least 13 have died in China. Around 10 climbers were killed when the tremors sparked avalanche at the Mount Everesta��s base camp in Nepal. Three Americans have also died.

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