Is Death Sentence An Answer To The Crimes Against Women?

Is this death sentence the answer to the crimes? Will it end the crime and bring justice to the family of the victim?
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Dara Gopi

I sincerely condemn the crime against Nirbhaya in Delhi five years ago. It was a heinous crime and every person should condemn it and spit on the faces of the youth who committed this crime.

My sympathies are with the family members of the hapless girl who was subjected to the brutal crime. As a human being and as a parent of two daughters, I strongly feel and believe that we should create a safe atmosphere for our girls in the society.

But the big question is if the death sentences an answer to the crimes? Will it end the crime and bring justice to the family of the victim?

As one among those who have been giving their voice against death punishment for any crime, I am convinced that death is not the punishment. I condemn the death punishment with the same commitment to the life of Nirbhaya.

If Nirbhayaa��s family lost a person due to a crime, the families of these four youth are also losing their children and this time not by any criminal, but by the government.

The crime against women has no answer in the death sentence. The crimes are not going to be stopped anymore after these four youth were hanged to death. And they are not the only people who have committed crime against women in the country, and Nirbhaya in Delhi was not the only victim.

There have been several Nirbhayas across the world, and the crime continues to victimize Nirbhyas every day. It so happened that the crime took place in the capital of the country and the media highlighted it that day fortunately or unfortunately, as there was no other issue for the media.

There were similar incidents that have been reported from Delhi even after this particular case. The cases, as I said earlier, continue even today in every nook and corner of the world. The hapless girls, most of them from the socially, economically and educationally backward, are subjected to similar crime.

The daily wage women are subjected to similar crime every day by the masters, who is influenced and who can suppress the cries of these victims. Not many of such crimes are reported and not many of the perpetrators punished. The victims cry in silence, as the accused go un-nailed and unpunished.

If the perpetrators of the crime against women are to be punished, it is the parents who are to be punished. Parents who fail to treat the daughters on par with sons, who fail to teach their sons to behave, and who fail to caution their sons to be human.

The correction has to begin at home at the infant stage itself. The treatment and growth has to be the same and equal and the difference in patronizing the sons and treating daughters badly have to be changed from the family. The parents are to be made to understand that they cannot allow their son to misbehave with other girls outside and want their daughter to be protected.

The boy not corrected at home cannot be pious on the streets and the girl groomed to be submissive at home cannot face the wolves outside. The Nirbhaya on the street has a criminal at home in the guise of a brother groomed by her parents.

If the Courts take applaud and pride for awarding the death punishment to the accused in the Nirbhaya case of Delhi, why are the same courts silent to the similar crimes committed against several other Nirbhayas in the rural and tribal areas?

Even in awarding death sentence to the accused in this case, how is that the courts have failed to caution the parents and the family system that allows the sons to be cruel on the streets? Why do we need this family system where the son is not put on the right track and why the daughters are put under so many restrictions and finally victimized?

A son corrected at home, cannot be so cruel on the streets and there would be no crime and no Nirbhaya. It is this correction that is required and not the death punishment to the perpetrators.

I condemn the crime and condemn the death punishment as well. I condemn the silence of the society towards this faulty family system where son is not corrected but allowed to be so cruel on the streets.

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