Death Sentence To Accused In Nithari Case

Pandher and Koli have been sentenced to death in the gory 2006 incident involving murder of several children.

New Delhi: The accused in Nithari serial rape and murder case have been sentenced to death by a Special CBI Court in Ghaziabad on Monday.

Judge Pawan Kumar Tripathi pronounced this ruling against businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surinder Koli after finding them guilty of rape, murder, abduction and criminal conspiracy over the killing of 20-year-old Pinki Sarkar.

After killing Pinki, Koli beheaded her and threw the skull behind the house, which was recovered by the CBI. DNA tests of the skull proved that she was Pinki. Her clothes, recovered from Koli, were identified by her parents.

The court ruled that Pandher was involved in the conspiracy of crime.

The ghastly case came to light in 2006 when police discovered skulls and bones of 16 persons, mostly children, from near Pandher’s house in Noida village of Nithari.

It was alleged that Koli would lure the children into the house, murder them and have sex with the corpses. Charges of cannibalism have also been levelled against him.

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