Death Sentence For 4 Accused In Nirbhaya Case Upheld By SC

The death sentence awarded by Delhi High Court to four accused in Nirbhaya case was upheld by the SC Bench. The plea by the accused for remission was rejected.

New Delhi: Supreme Court of India has upheld the judgment of Delhi High Court which gave death sentence to the four accused in Nirbhaya gang rape case.

Nirbhaya (a fictitious name) was gang raped in a moving bus and thrown out of the bus. This inhuman incident took place on 2 December 2012. A friend who was travelling with Nirbhaya was beaten up. This ghastly incident had shaken the conscience of the nation. The women organisations in the country and student community were up in arms. An Act named Nirbhaya Act was brought it. Nirbhaya died at a Singapore hospital while undergoing treatment.

Justice Deepak Mishra has read out the judgment. Justice Bhanumati and Justice Bhushan also were in the bench. Out of the six accused one committed suicide in the jail and another accused who was a minor has served the sentence of 3-year imprisonment and got out of jail. The apex court has commented that this kind of incident is normally inconceivable. It said the death sentence was upheld due to severe nature of the crime. The offence warrants the highest punishment which is death penalty. The court has rejected the plea of the accused requesting for remission.

Devi, women’s right activist, commented that this kind of decision should have come much earlier.

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