Death at ATM

Lata Jain

In a shocking incident, 25 year old Brijesh Kumar Yadav entered an SBI ATM booth located at Janghai, Allahabad, on Monday to withdraw some money. As soon as he inserted his debit card into the slot, he got electrocuted and died.

According to reports, the man, who had gotten drenched in the rain, got electrocuted as soon as he put his card in the machine.

The incident sparked anger among the publicA�present at the location and they decided to lock the bank employees inside the building, while they stood outside with the man’s body, demanding a proper investigation.

The police promised a thorough investigation in the case. SP Digambar Kushwaha told the media that the ATM is located in an old building and bank officials were looking for defective wiring (which is generally the case with old buildings) or any other malfunction. Since the man was totally drenched in the rain, the electrocution probably was more severe.

A similar incident happened last year on 2nd August at New Delhi wherein Shyamnath Pandey, who worked in a factory in Bawana area, died of electric shock after he touched the door in which current was flowing because of some loose wire.

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