Dasari Discharged From KIMS Hospital

Hyderabad: It is well aware that director Dasari Narayana Rao was admitted to KIMS Hospital on January 29 following some respiratory problems. Later, he suffered infection and some other problems. So, the doctors attended to him gave him perfect treatment.

Several film personalities and other prominent persons visited him when he was in hospital. After a prolonged treatment for almost two months, the doctors discharged him from the hospital. However, the doctors advised him complete rest for some more days. Dasari’s fans expressed their happiness over the safe discharge of their favourite director from hospital. Especially, his returning to home just before Ugadi enhanced their happiness further

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Dasari Celebrates 73rd Birthday, Gets Allu Ramalingaiah Award

Dasari Narayana Rao has celebrated his birthday on Thursday. He was presented with Allu Ramalingaiah Award by Chiranjeevi, Allu Aravind and Mohan Babu.

Hyderabad: Telugu film personalities who have been at loggerheads due to ego-clash for decades came together to celebrate the birthday  of  veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao here on Thursday. Mega star Chiranjeevi, popular hero Mohan Babu, producer and Allu Ramalingaiah’s son Allu Aravind, Varaprasad Reddy and Tammareddy Bharadwaja went to Dasari’s residence in Jubilee Hills to felicitate him with Allu Ramalingaiah Kalapeetham National Award.

Responding to the award, Dasari said he is extremely happy to receive the national award in the name of Allu Ramalingaiah.

Dasari said that some things and some persons have no alternatives. “A national award being instituted in the name of an artist and that award being presented to me makes me very happy. It strengthens the bond between me and Ramalingaiah,” said Dasari.

It happens to be Dasari’s 73rd birthday. “Speaking to the media after a gap of three months makes me happy. This is the award being given by my own people. That is why I opened my mouth.  Everybody in the film industry knows the friendly and affectionate relationship I had with Ramalingaiah,” said Dasari.

Chiranjeevi expressed his happiness at Dasari regaining his health. “Even when Dasari was in hospital, he enquired about my film,” said Chiranjeevi. It may be recalled that Dasari was at KIMS hospital for treatment for lung problem. He had to be hospitalised for a number of weeks.

A number of friends and well-wishers visited Dasari’s residence throughout the day to convey their good wishes.

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Why Allu Arjun wore mask in the function

Hyderabad: The Allu Ramalingaiah memorial national award was presented to Dasari Narayana Rao at a function organised by Yuva Kala Vahini at Ravindra Bharati on Wednesday. However, Dasari Narayana Rao who is recuperating at hospital failed to come and Allu Aravind had received the award from the hands of Chiranjeevi on behalf of Dasari Narayana Rao. Of course, all this is old news.

However, there is an interesting thing behind this. Stylish Star Allu Arjun, the grandson of Allu Ramalingaiah, surely attends the function every year. This year also he attended the function. But the interesting thing here is that he wore a mask to his face. There are several versions about the mask in the media. Some say that he wore the mask as he doesn’t want to reveal his look. It may be mentioned here that he is presently doing a dual role in Duvvada Jagannatham (DJ) in Harish Shankar direction.

Everyone knew that he is doing a Brahmin role in the film. But no one knew what the other role is. In order to avoid the reveal of that look he reportedly wore the mask as per one version of the media. On the other hand, there is another version. Allu Arjun reportedly got affected with cold and cough because of the shooting in Abu Dhabi. To avoid the spread of allergy he allegedly wore the mask, say some others. But what is the real reason behind the wearing of the mask is not known to anyone.

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Dasari To Get Allu Ramalingaiah National Award

Hyderabad: Yuva Kalavahini has been organising a grand gala function at Ravindra Bharati on Wednesday to accord the national award in the name of Dr Allu Ramalingaiah, on behalf of Dr Allu Ramalingaiah Kala Peetham. The award would be presented to Dr Dasari Narayana Rao.

It may be recalled here that Dasari Narayana Rao has been admitted to the KIMS Hospital in Secunderabad following some respiratory problem in his lungs. There is some infection in his lungs and that was removed by holding a button-hole surgery to his chest. So, Dasari is taking rest for the past few days and not attending any function.

However, as he recovered totally, the Yuva Kalavahini has decided to organise the function. Mega Star Chiranjeevi would attend the function as chief guest and hand over the award to Dr Dasari. Other heroes from the Mega family – Allu Arjun and Ram Charan besides Brahmanandam would also attend as the guests of honour. Ministers Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Kamineni Srinivas and G Jagadiswara Reddy also agreed to attend the function

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Jagan calls on Dasari in KIMS hospital

Hyderabad: YSRCP president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy today visited KIMS hospital where former Union minister and veteran film director Dasari Narayana Rao is recuperating.

Jaganmohan met Dasari and enquired about his health. He also spoke to doctors, who are treating Dasari, who was admitted due to kidney and other ailments recently. The YSRCP leader wished Dasari early recovery. He was accompanied by Bhoomana Karunakar Reddy, Balshouri and others. (NSS)

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Pawan kalyan, Maa President Shivaji meets Dasari In KIIMS

Hyderabad: Dasari Narayana Rao, who was in KIIMS from a month due to infection in lungs and kidneys, was slowly improving according to Doctors who are supervising him.

Meanwhile, newly elected MAA President Actor Sivaji met Dasari in hospital along with Naresh for blessings and consoled him. Dasari looked solid after surgery and will be discharged in few days as per hospital sources.

A day before, Janasena President Pawan met Dasari Narayana Rao and expressed his happiness for the speedy progress of Dasari. Ventilators will be removed in one or two days, Pawan added while addressing media in KIIMS Hospital.

Chiranjeevi ‘s latest flick Khaid NO 150 50 days celebrations were put on hold due to Dasari’s health condition, who  promised that event will be organised only in the presence of Dasari Narayana Rao.

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Dasari may be discharged in two or three days

Hyderabad: Minister for Cinematography and Animal Husbandry Talasani Srinivas Yadav visited KIMS Hospital on Tuesday and enquired about the health of noted film director and producer Dasari Narayana Rao who is recuperating. The minister asked the doctors about Dasari’s health condition. Several noted personalities are visiting the hospital every day to see the ailing director.

Expressing concern at the hospitalization of Dasari, Talasani said “Dasari is like a father to Telugu film world and used to resolve any sort of issues cropped up in the industry”. He also said that Telugu people and his fans are praying for his speedy recovery and the director is expected to be discharged in two or three days. Those who were present included corporators Aruna Goud, Tharuni, Narender, Srinivas Goud, actor Kadambari Kiran Kumar, Kondeti Suresh. –NSS

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Mudragada to meet Dasari on 26

Hyderabad: Mudragada Padmanabham, leader of the Kapu movement, is expected to meet former Union Minister and film director Dasari Narayana Rao on the 26th. The meeting has a significance since it is taking place after a number of Kapu leaders cutting across the parties and regions met at the residence of Dasari in Jubilee Hills about two weeks ago. All of them unanimously declared support to Mudragada and his movement to secure reservations for his community. 

AP police have not been allowing Kapu leaders settled here to travel to Kirlampudi, the native place of Mudragada in East Godavari district. In the wake of the impediments being created by the government, Mudragada himself has been visiting Hyderabad to discuss with Kapu leaders.

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2019లో దాసరి ‘కింగ్ మేకర్’ అవుతారా?

విశాఖపట్టణం: 2019 ఎన్నికల అనంతరం ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి ఎవరన్నది తేల్చడంలో తాను సానుకూల పాత్రను నిర్వహించే అవకాశం లేకపోలేదని ప్రముఖ సినీ దర్శకుడు, నటుడు, రాజ్యసభ మాజీ సభ్యుడు దాసరి నారాయణరావు అన్నారు. వచ్చే ఎన్నికలలో మీరు నిర్ణాయక పాత్రను నిర్వహించే అవకాశం ఉందా అన్న ప్రశ్నకు ఆయన సమాధానమిస్తూ భగవంతుడు దయ దలిస్తే ఎన్నికల అనంతరం ముఖ్యమంత్రిని ఎంపిక చేయడంలో తాను ముఖ్యపాత్ర పోషించగలనని ఆయన అన్నారు.

గతంలో కేంద్రంలో మంత్రిగా ఉన్న దాసరి, తన ఉద్యమానికి మద్దతు కూడగట్టుకోవడం కోసం ముద్రగడ పద్మనాభం హైదరాబాద్ కు వచ్చిన సందర్భంలో మళ్ళీ వార్తల్లోకి ప్రముఖంగా వచ్చారు. పార్టీ తేడాలకు అతీతంగా కాపు నాయకులు అందరూ ఈమధ్య జూబిలీ హిల్స్ లోని దాసరి నారాయణరావు నివాసంలో సమావేశమయ్యారు. వారిలో మెగా స్టార్ చిరంజీవి, వై ఎస్సార్ సీపీ నాయకులు బొత్స సత్యనారాయణ, అంబటి రాంబాబు, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ శాసనమండలిలో కాంగ్రెస్ నాయకుడు సీ. రామచంద్రయ్య, కేంద్ర మాజీ మాంత్రి పళ్లంరాజు ఉన్నారు. వీరందరూ ఉమ్మడిగా మీడియా సమావేశంలో మాట్లాడుతూ ముద్రగడ పద్మనాభం నాయకత్వంలోని కాపు రిజర్వేషన్ల ఉద్యమానికి తిరుగులేని మద్దతు ప్రకటించారు. కాపులకు రిజర్వేషన్లు కల్పించాలని, వారిని బీసీ లిస్ట్ లో చేర్చాలని వీరు కోరారు.

ఒక కొత్త పార్టీని అవతరింపజేయడానికి దాసరి, ముద్రగడ కలసి రెండు దశాబ్దాల క్రితం ఒక ప్రయత్నం చేశారు. అన్ని ఏర్పాట్లు జరిగిన తర్వాత చివరి క్షణంలో ఆ ప్రయత్నాన్ని విరమించుకున్నారు.

ఐక్య కార్యాచరణ ప్రణాళిక గురించి చర్చించే సమయంలో పవర్ స్టార్ పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ గురించి, ఆయన నాయకత్వంలోని జనసేన పార్టీ గురించి కూడా చర్చలోకి వచ్చింది. అయితే పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ అంత సీరియస్ గా పని చేసే వ్యక్తి కారన్న అభిప్రాయం వ్యక్తమైంది. ఆయన అన్న చిరంజీవి 18 శాతం వోట్లతో కేవలం 18 అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాలను గెల్చుకోవడం కూడా చర్చలోకి వచ్చింది. చివరికి చిరంజీవిని ముఖ్యమంత్రి అభ్యర్థిగా ఫోకస్ చేయాలనీ, అప్పుడు పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ అన్నకు మద్దతు ఇవ్వడమో లేక, రేపు అవతరించబోయే కాపుల పార్టీలో తన పార్టీని విలీనం చేయడమో చేస్తారన్న విషయంలో అందరూ ఏకాభిప్రాయానికి వచ్చారు.

చిరంజీవిని తదుపరి ముఖ్యమంత్రిని చేయబోతున్నారా అని అడిగినప్పుడు, ఆయనకు అలా రాసిపెట్టి ఉంటే అవుతారని దాసరి సమాధానమిచ్చారు. ఒక పటిష్ట ప్రత్యామ్నాయాన్ని అవతరింపజేయడంలో రానున్న అయిదు మాసాలు అత్యంత కీలకమని భావిస్తున్నారు. కాపులు ప్రధాన ప్రతిపక్షమైన వై ఎస్సార్ సీపీని సమర్థిస్తారా, లేక కాంగ్రెస్ ను పునరుజ్జీవింపజేస్తారా అన్నది తేలడానికి కొంత సమయం వేచి చూడవలసిందే. రెండేదే జరిగే పక్షంలో టిడిపి-బిజెపి కూటమి దానిని రెండు చేతులతో స్వాగతిస్తుంది. ఎందుకంటే ఆ పరిణామం టిడిపి వ్యతిరేక వోటును చీల్చి టిడిపికి లాభం కలిగిస్తుంది. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో కాపులు రెండుకోట్ల వరకు ఉంటారని అంచనా.

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Will Dasari decide CM in 2019?

  • Surprise in store for AP

Visakhapatnam: Dasari Narayana Rao, distinguished film director, actor and former Rajya Sabha Member, has not ruled out the possibility of his positive role in deciding the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh after the elections in 2019. When asked about the chances of his playing a decisive role in the next elections, Dasari said God willing he might play an important part in selection of the chief minister after the elections.

dasariDasari, who was a union minister, hogged the limelight when Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham was in Hyderabad to mobilise support for his movement. The Kapu leaders cutting across the party lines met recently at the residence of Dasari Narayana Rao in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. They included former union minister and film actor Chiranjeevi, YSRCP leaders Botcha Satyanarayana, Ambati Rambabu, Congress leader in AP Legislative Council C Ramachandraiah and former union minister Pallam Raju. They organised a joint media conference and declared unstinting support to the Kapu reservations movement under the leadership of Mudragada Padmanabham. The demand was for reservations and including them among BC list.

More than two decades ago there was an attempt by Dasari and Mudragada to float a party but the idea was given up at the last minute after all the arrangements were made.

The factor of Pavan Kalyan and his Praja Sena party while the plan for concerted action was debated. It was felt Pavan is not a serious player. Even a serious minded politician Chiranjeevi, elder brother of Pavan Kalyan, could muster only 18 percent of votes and 18 Assembly seats. There emerged a sort of consensus that Chiranjeevi could be projected as the chief ministerial candidate so that Pavan would either support his elder brother or merge his party with the outfit to be floated by Kapu community.

chiranjeeviWhen asked if he would make Chiranjeevi the next CM, Dasari commented that if Chiru is destined to become the CM so be it. The next few months are very crucial for a viable alternative to emerge. It will be known only after some time if the Kapu community will support the main opposition party, the YSRCP, or try to resurrect the Congress party. If the second option is favoured it will be welcomed by the TDP-BJP combine since it would split the anti-TDP vote. The number of Kapus in the State is estimated to be about 2 crore.

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Erra Bus releases on November 14

Hyderabad, November 10: Ace director of Telugu cinema, Dasari Narayana Rao’s 151st film, ‘Erra Bus’, has completed its censor certification. The film got a clean chit from the censors and is ready to release on November 14. The film has Manchu Vishnu and Katherine in the lead roles. ‘Erra Bus’ is the story of an old man from a village surrounded by greenery who comes to a city and is dazzled by its concrete structures and hustle bustle and later learns that the people in the city are as dispassionate as the concrete structures. 150 films is such an illustrious milestone that each film following it gains equal if not more importance. “It is a film that talks of importance of family. Music is given by Chakri and I am happy with the tunes he gave,” shared the maverick director.

‘Erra Bus’ is an official remake of Tamil comedy flick titled ‘Manjapai’. Dasari Narayana Rao bagged the remake rights of the movie and it is heard that Dasari’s grand daughter Neerajitha would also be portraying important role in the film.

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