Dalai Lama Funded By Our Officials, Admits Chinaa��s Ruling Party

In a rare instance of confession, China has admitted that some of its officials have been funding Dalai Lama who is considered as its enemy.

Beijing: China,A� which pounces in India whenever the latter engagedA� Dalai Lama,A� openly admitted on Tuesday that some of its officials were funding the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader.A� The revelation by Chinaa��s ruling Communist Party (CPC) came as a shocker to many as China never washed its dirty linen outside.

However, some of the party officials were lambasted by Head of the discipline watchdog in Tibet Autonomous region. The head of the organisation, Wang Yongjun alleged that some party officials neglected important political issues and the countrya��s anti-separatist struggle.

He also alleged that some party officials donated money to the 14th Dalai Lama. Such behaviour severely undermines the partya��s fight against separatism, he was quoted saying by Global Times.

Writing for a magazine run by the CPC, Wang said that, a�?some have even donated to the 14th Dalai Lama circle, joined illegal underground organisations and provided intelligence to overseas organisations.a�? He also alleged in the article that a few party officials failed to uphold their political integrity, thereby affecting the coherence of CPC and its ability to fight separatism.

China has been viewing Dalia Lama as a a�?separatista�� since the time he fled to India in 1959. China alleges that he is working to split Tibet from China.

As Dalai Lama enjoys a lot of influence and he is respected and looked upon as a spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, China has been carrying out a regular crackdown in Tibetan region on its population.

In recent years nearly 120 Tibetans, said of whom majority are monks, have committed self-immolations in Tibet, demanding the return of their spiritual leader.

As Dalai Lama visited Arunachal Pradesh recently, the relations between India and China soured with China giving its names to few places in Arunachal. China considers Arunachal as part of South Tibet.

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