Dahi Handi: SC ruling violated

  • Human pyramids at an enormous 49 feet high in Thane

Mumbai: Raj Thackeray led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena organised the ‘Dahi Handi’ in which the human pyramid was at an enormous 49 feet in height, more than double the height allowed by the Supreme Court in state of Maharashtra.

Earlier the apex court has mandated the human pyramids height up to 20 feet .

Krishna Janmashtami got off to a colourful start in several parts of the country. Dahi Handi’s were organised to mark Krishna Janmashtami celebrations.

A Mumbai based organising group have asked the court to reconsider its order and raise the 20 feet height cap, which is also a demand that is backed by almost every political party in the state.

The petitioner,A�has also argued against the height restrictions saying that the sport is very famous and earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Government of Maharashtra had also told the court that “height is the charm of this game and court can consider increasing the height of the pyramid.”

At the annualA�Dahi HandiA�rituals, human pyramids compete each other to reach the height forA�the Dahi Handi’sA�filled with curd that are strung up high on the poles. Participants call themselves “Govindas” – which is one of the many names of Lord Krishna and also wear colourful costumes.

Last week, the court has banned those below the age group of 18 years from participating in the pyramids and limited the height to 20 feet only.

Today’s petition says that since minors can’t participate anymore as they are banned by the court, the height of the pyramids can be relaxed as, “if there is no adventure in a game, there is no point in celebrating it.”

However, SC bench did not agree with the A�argument that the festival had the colours of the popular sport and there should be no cap on the height of the pyramid.

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