Daggubati Rana and Trisha, victims of Suchitra

Chennai: Singer Suchitra, who is uploading personal pictures of celebrities in social media from a few days is creating storm in Tollywood and Kollywood.

Suchitra, who mainly targeted Dhanush, tweeted pics of Anirudh, Hansika which were removed later after facing criticism from industry heads. Celebrities are in a move to file a criminal defamation case against Singer in coming days.

Suchitra Kartik condemned on these pictures and said that her twitter account was hacked and a private investigation is going on for the cause. I will reveal the name and cause once I get final report, she said.

Version of her husband is totally different, Suchitra is in a case of emotional stress who was hospitalised for a few days for the same reason, Karthik, husband of singer Suchitra said. Singer Suchitra confirmed about her divorce with Karthik just a few hours ego, who is in media from past 48 hours after she posted nude and personal pictures of celebrities in her twitter account.

A�Latest picture of Rana and Trisha posted yesterday created mess in Tollywood. Rumour went on between the relation of Rana and Trisha, who said that was limited to friendship. But the poster looks differ from the words of this pair. Picture, which was shot in Goa, is certainly a big blow for Rana, who has just entered into Stardom with his recent hits of Rudramadevi, bahubali and Ghazi.

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