D Srinivas to report in 100 days

  • To pinpoint causes for rout
  • Says minorities lost confidence in TRS govt.

HYDERABAD: Telangana senior Congress leader D Srinivas, who was appointed chairman of high-level committee to prepare a report on the party position in the State in view of ensuing GHMC and municipal elections, said it was time for the party to look into the reasons why it could not retain power in the last year general elections in the State.

Talking to mediapersons at Gandhi Bhavan here on Monday, Srinivas said a meeting held at Ibrahimpatnam last year raised some issues like why the party lost its traditional vote bank during the last general elections. How to initiate and how to plan to get back its votes? a�?We came to know that the State government was planning to make some changes in school textbooks. We demand that the government constitute an all-party meeting. We demand that the government introduce Sonia Gandhia��s efforts in the history lessons of textbooks since Telangana was carved out as a separate State because of hera�?.

a�?It is very crucial to have a look on this issue. Congress could not come to power even after it delivered Telangana State. In the State every one wanted separate State. We are not regretting for creating Telangana. If it had given before one year, then it was easy to get into power. KCR himself agreed many a time openly that the Telangana State was created because of Sonia Gandhi. We have confidence that the Chief Minister would honor his promisesa�?.

Regarding high-level committee, Srinivas said, a�?We never like to use the word settlers. We suspect they lost confidence here. The minorities also apparently lost confidence. We need to create confidence. Because of false promises given by some parties with the only target of coming to power, the settlers, minorities, Christians, Sikhs, and others are greatly disturbeda�?.

a�?Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to appear as secular in the international platforms. But before the BJP came to power, every country believed that India is a secular country. Our target is to bring awareness among the different sections in the society in the State. Youth had many expectations when the State was created, but today they were in utter disappointment. On April 16, we will have a meeting in Gandhi Bhavan. Within hundred days, we will send a detailed report. Just with an emotional feeling, the people voted for the TRS party.

Even though people know the fact that Telangana was given by the Congress, because of Sakala Janula Samme, which was organized by the TRS, most of the voters were attracted to ita�?. (NSS)

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