Cyber Attack In AP, TS Secretariats

The IT officials in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have taken measures to prevent their computers getting hacked. There were reports that the secretariats in both the states have been hacked.

Amaravati: Did two Telugu States became victims of WannaCry ransomware? Reports suggest that some of the computers in Andhra Pradesh Secretariat were attacked by ransomware. The officials are trying to identify the hacked computers. They have decided to change the hard discs of the attacked computers. In order to prevent the virus from spreading to other computers, officials are taking all the precautions needed.

There were reports on Tuesday that some of the computers in Telangana Secretariat were hacked. The State IT officials were immediately alerted to prevent damage by becoming the victim of Wannacry ransomware. They decided to shutdown the Secretariat server during night. A WattsApp group was formed with all departments IT heads in the government to exchange information and alert each other when needed.

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