Critic Mahesh Katti Gets Warning From Pavan Fans

Mahesh Katti, critic received threats from Pawan fans for keeping whata��s app posts anti to their hero.

Hyderabad: Mahesh Katti is well known for critic and reviews when films are released. He is working for 10 TV who recently eliminated from a show by the name BIGG BOSS aired in MAA TV.

Mahesh came into picture when he received threats from fans of Pawan Kalyan for criticising latest flick a�?Katamrayudua��. According to his review, flick is a major disaster at BO.

After he was eliminated from Bigg Boss show, he gave a lengthy interview to a channel) Andhra Jyothy) where he criticised Pawan fans once again. He also came upon Jana Sena party severely by saying Pawan fans are arrogant and mad. He also said that he could not understand Mega heroes stand and questioned why they are not controlling their fans.

Mahesha��s post against Pawan fans in Whats app irked them and warned him by saying a�? Sorry Cheputhu post pettakunte nuvvu chachhinanta Ottua�?.

Pawan fans argument is different. Mahesh is totally focussed to criticise Pawan because their hero rejected to give an interview for Mahesh.

Lets hope this social media war ends with a cool turn.

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