Criminalize Marital Rape: Loksatta Party

HYDERABAD: Loksatta Party sternly condemned the central government for not criminalizing marital rape. In the name of Indian culture, the sitting BJP party at the center is blatantly abdicating their responsibility to ensure basic human rights andA�constitutionally enshrine fundamental rights of women. Instead the government is audaciously citing Indian culture for their rejection of basic governmental duties, Loksatta said.

Rape or non-consensual sex is by definition an act of violence. To claim that Indian culture treats marriage as sacred, and therefore, espouses violence and forced sex within marriage is both a contradiction and travesty, not to mention denigrating India, the party stated.

Loksatta Party National President Surendra Srivastava lambasted the government for misrepresenting Indian culture to suit their atavistic gender related attitudes.

“The beauty of Indian culture is its ability to hold a mirror to itself and reflect on its own anachronisms. It is to live and let live. That has led to repealing of many unfair laws and creation of other laws to protect and engender social good. Rape, in any circumstance is abhorrent and by tolerating marital rape, India daily acknowledges that women are lesser humans without right of their bodies and no recourse for pain and violence. As a lawyer and a human being, I find this stance of the government unacceptable,” Srivastava said.

Tara K, national chairperson of strategy for Loksatta Party, said, “We are glad that the sitting governments of yesteryears did not preclude the abolishing of dowry and passing of anti-dowry and anti-bride burning laws, the banning of child marriages, passing of child-marriage prohibitionlaws and the eradication of widow burning, all in the name of tradition, culture, education and background of the Indian people. Had they appropriated to themselves the sole custodianship of Indian culture the way the current government is acting, these barbaric practices would never have been outlawed.”

Loksatta Party, a relentless champion for women, strongly urges the government to criminalize marital rape. India must treat women as first-class citizens and accord them a marital institution that is safe and happy. (NSS)

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