Criminal Action Against Social Media For Defaming TDP: Lokesh

Lokesh has asked TDP ministers to take criminal action against those who indulge in defaming the party in social media.

Vijayawada: Nara Lokesh, IT and Panchayats raj Minister, urged Ministers to take severe criminal action against those who ate tarnishing partya��s image through social media.

In a power point presentation during coordination committee meeting at Amaravati, Lokesh said that mainstream media is favourable to the party but there is no control on the damage going on in social media.

On Amedkar Jayanthi, Lokesh greeted people as Vardhanthi which went viral in social medi. There were postings pointing out his Telugu pronunciation at the time of oath taking as MLC. Lokesh, who was deeply hurt by this incident, felt there should be some restriction on the social media as the posts are done without any restraint.

Now TDP leaders are busy studying cyber laws as some posts are directed towards party as castiest, corrupt, money minded and communal.

Lokesh felt that the partya��s image is getting tarnished by negative propaganda through social media and planning to bring a new law which may push netizens behind bars if the posts are offensive and not within rules.

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