CRDA to hold talks with land owners for roads

  • CRDA proposes compensation for houses, house sites
  • Artisan, small vendors to get Rs 25,000 to resume their activities
  • Rs 50,000 to be paid to house owners for shifting their belongings to new colony
  • CRDA to pay two times of the construction value on every house taken for roads
  • Agriculture labourers to get Rs 2,500 a month for next 10 years

(From Our Correspondent)

Vijayawada: The AP CRDA would hold consultations with the land owners that is required for provision of basic infrastructure like roads in the new capital city, said CRDA commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar.

Sreedhar, in a statement on Wednesday, said that the 7th meeting of the CRDA held on December 7 had already decided on holding consultations with the owners of the house sites and vacant lands that are required for formation of roads in the capital. The CRDA had already taken up roads formation in the R1 zone that provides better road network connectivity in the capital, he said and added that the proposed roads would pass through some houses, vacant lands in the existing villages.

The CRDA had proposed consultation policy that would be followed in convincing the land owners, he said and added that the policy was sent to the government for its approval.

Sreedhar said that the CRDA would provide alternative house sites to the equal extent if the house sites are to be taken for the roads. The CRDA would also make an assessment of the house value and pay two times of its value as compensation besides giving equal extent of house site in the rehabilitation colony, he added. With regard to the vacant non-agriculture lands, the CRDA would give equal extent of the land to the owners.

Referring to the Island lands and the houses on these lands, the CRDA would provide a maximum of 500 square yards of site in the rehabilitation colony, while the houses would get two times of the construction value.

The CRDA would also pay Rs 50,000 to the house owners to shift to the new house if their houses are taken for the roads. In the case of cattle shelters and small vendors, the CRDA would pay Rs 25,000 for their reconstruction in the rehabilitation colony, Sreedhar added.

After consultation, if the daily wage labourers and small vendors are losing their livelihood, the CRDA would pay Rs 2500 per month for next 10 years. However, this would be extended to those who have not been paid the same compensation in the land pooling system for the capital, he asserted. In addition to this, the small vendors and the artisan would be paid Rs 25,000 as grant to restart their activity in the rehabilitation colony, he added.

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