Cracks seem to surface in T Congress

HYDERABAD: Cracks began to surface in the Telangana Congress with the role of CLP leader Jana Reddy vis-a-visA�the TRS leadership, especially during the ongoing conflict between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in the wake of the cash-for-vote scam.

Many an eyebrow has been raised in the T Congress circles over the nonchalant attitude being adopted of late byA�Jana Reddy towards the TRS leadership. As a matterA�of fact, deep suspicions seem to have started growingA�among the party leaders after the role of Jana Reddy during the last Assembly session.

Leave alone failing to takeA�head on the TRS leadership and the government on various issues, he tried to rein in his party members from adopting any offensive posture. This also triggered off speculations that senior Congress leaders were waiting in the wings to jump the ship.

Against this backdrop Jana Reddy taking affront to the tone and tenor of the party leaders against Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has not only triggered off heart burn among the party leaders leading to dissentions surfacing in the T Congress. This was very much evident after Jana Reddy and the TPCC Working President Batti Vikramarka openly sparred against each other over the remarks made by the latter against Rao.

At a meeting of T Congress leadersA�on Friday,A�Jana Reddy expressed his displeasure over the party leadersa�� unsavory remarks against Rao. When the Congress party is opposed to usage of any disrespectful language by any political party or leader it would be unbecoming of Congress leaders resorting to such usage, he observed and quipped, let us practice before we preach.

Since Jana Reddya��s ire seemed to have been directed against the TPCC Working President, whoA�on ThursdayA�used a certain word against Rao to belittle him, Batti Vikramarka reacted sharply and retorted that he had to respond in a tit-for-tat manner to Rao, who used a language unbecoming of a chief minister.

This open confrontation between two senior party leaders, who had even served as ministers in the past, has stunned the T Congress circles.

What has come as a big surprise and jolt to the T Congress leaders was the observation of Jana Reddy that it was not a good augur for each and every one to express their personal views on the controversy surrounding the demand for revocation of Section 8 of the AP Reorganization Act. Clarity on the section has yet to come, and it was the Central Government and the governor who should come out with necessary clarifications.

Jana Reddy further opined that there was no threat to the life and properties of Andhra people residing in Hyderabad. The case relating to the alleged luring of MLAs with lucre is under the purview of the State Government.

As regards the defection of MLAs, the matter is pending with the Assembly Speaker, besides cases were also pending in the courts. Hence, he said he was not prepared to make any comments or give his opinion frequently on these issues; he made it clear to the utter shock of the party leaders. (NSS).

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