CPM condemns land acquisition in AP

  • Blames govt for taking fertile lands

Amaravati: The CPI-M Andhra Pradesh unit on Friday condemned the land acquisition in the State. The two-day State level meeting of the party which concluded on January 12, reviewed the land acquisition process in the State. The party also decided to launch legal action against the land acquisition besides heading peoples’ agitation in the State. The party State committee also raised strong objection to the government diluting the Land Acquisition Act of 2013 and adopting land pooling system to deny reasonable compensation to the land owners and the labourers whose lives are depended on those lands.

The party said that the government was taking away lands belonging to the Dalits and other weaker sections in the name of development and creating land bank. So far the government had taken over 4 lakh acres in all the 13 districts. The government had also set its eyes on taking 7.60 lakh acres of land to be taken in land pooling system, the CPM said. Stating that the Dalits and the neglected sections of the people live or own small pieces of lands along the roads, canals and railway tracks, the CPM regretted that the government had set its eyes on these lands depriving them of their livelihood and denying them of their right to live.

The CPM said that people of 28 villages are displaced in the name of Vamsadhara Phase II. The compensation of Rs 450 crore that was announced for these displaced people is not given to the beneficiaries till date, the CPM said. The Polavaram oustees too are not compensated properly, the party said. The government had failed to provide compensation to the displaced people of Sakunala of Kurnool district, SP Kunta of Ananthapur district, Nakkapalli mandal of Visakhapatnam district.

The party had also pointed out that 33,000 acres of land along the sea shore was acquired by the government in the name of industrial development.

The CPM leaders said that the lands taken by force from the government in the name of industries had not seen any industry established there to benefit the farmers who had given their lands. The party took strong exception to the government’s land pooling method and threatened to intensify both legal and mass action to help the farmers.

The two-day conference of the party was chaired by former legislator and senior leader M A Gafoor.

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